New Music: Made In Naija 4Runner ft. Semi

Nigerian rapper, 4Runner finally dishes out the official mp3 version to the highly anticipated record celebrating Nigeria and Nigerians.
Made in Naija is an afrobeat record which features Semi Boomba and is produced by Tamuno Belema.
This Afro hip hop record reveals 4runner’s musical style with a bit of influence from the musical icon, Fela.

Enjoy below and don’t forget to share your thoughts.
Twitter & Instagram: @4runner116, @semi_boomba @williambelema

The Loose talk podcast: My biggest takeaway from the interview with MI


Image from Pulse

This episode of loose talk podcast is a defining moment in music history, where an artist with the antecedents and status of MI, stepped into the verbal ring with two of the greatest entertainment journalists in Nigerian history. A lot of jabs were thrown, a lot of knock downs and comebacks, there were a lot of calculated punches and spontaneous outbursts of passion. There was also a lot of ego, enough to have a healthy conversation but a bit over the top at times. The episode is a nearly 3 hour podcast that is definitely not going to be fun to watch, or listen to on mobile data but if you love music, especially, African music or African hip-hop in particular, you need to listen to or watch this episode of the loose talk podcast.

The single most important moment for me, in the podcast’s entire three hours was when MI, Osagie, Loose Kanyon and AOT2 went back and forth over an alternative music platform to iTunes for MI to base the numbers of his Chairman Album. Osagie said that over 90% of Nigerians do not have access to iTunes and majority of Nigerian iTunes users are not even in Nigeria. Remember last November when Nigerian banks positioned themselves as enemies of the music industry and all but eliminated the only platforms for Nigerian artistes to make money off album sales. It is sad and in some ways infuriating that, when Nigerian music is once again pushing continental boundaries our artistes are barely making any money off it directly.

MI’s Chairman album is one of the highest selling albums, if not the highest, since it’s release in 2014, it has made about $120,000 (over N43 million) according to MI over three years. There were a lot features on that album, so all the collaborators have to get paid, producers, sound engineers, marketing and PR teams, the record label has to get paid. By the time all the due diligence is done, MI is taking home a lot less than that and remember, this is money made over three years on what is arguably the highest selling album, in that period. Now, imagine how much up and comers take home. A lot have given up and release entire albums for free on Soundcloud hoping to parlay whatever successes into getting an endorsement and high profile gigs.

It takes an unbelievable amount of time, energy and human resources to make an album. Even musicians with near zero talent hire writers, producers and engineers that know the work and all those people have mouths to feed. So it is extremely important that if you can, pay for your music. A number of Nigerian ATM cards work on Deezer, and UAE iTunes store and Apple music, although most Nigerian songs are not on that store. If you have a dollar card you should be able to access Apple music. You can also try barter cards where you can fund a dollar card in your Naira account.

I also think Nigerian artistes, record labels or at least record label backers and entrepreneurs need to talk to themselves and see how they can parlay their influence and resources into either bringing a foreign player like Pandora, Amazon music, Spotify or Google play music to come in, or improve and expand an indigenous platform like MTN music plus, cloud 9, iRoking or Spinlet. The market is ripe, the music is ready and if we play our cards right this will be the dawn of a new age. What we cannot do is sit here and allow this opportunity go to waste.


Addicted To The Glam

I am confused and this is why.

Over the weekend TapJets, a US private jet charter service, released a statement accusing Dammy Krane of using a stolen credit card to hire one of their jets. They also promised to prosecute him to the full extent of the law.


If Dammy Krane is convicted, I’m sure one of the questions he would be asking himself is why he didn’t fly first class. In his mind is he thinking first class is no longer a big boy stuff? This whole situation got me asking myself some questions. Why are people addicted to some lifestyle we can’t really afford? Who are we really trying to impress and why?

Celebrities living above their means is not news and for the life of me I can’t understand why? Flashing money has never gotten anyone a hit song or a blockbuster movie. The best it does is to keep you in the headlines long enough for you to eventually get arrested or steal a picture of someone’s dogs. It’s not like we have paparazzi chasing down celebs like there’s no tomorrow. No Nigerian entertainment journalist or photographer is paid well enough to bother. Like have you seen our entertainment journalists? They have more important things to do abeg.

And that’s the funny thing to me, nobody cares if celebs drive a sedan or a land cruiser, no one gives a damn if they live in Lekki or Surulere. No one. The only people that care are those that want money from them and armed robbers picking targets. If you are reading this and you care but claim you are neither a beggar nor an armed robber, clearly you need to think about your life, just go and look at yourself in a mirror because all is not well.

This is not just a celebrity problem, it affects regular people as well. I have nothing against wanting to send your kids to the best schools, but there is an issue when you want to send your kids to a school that you know, you and your spouse and your extended family combined cannot afford. It’s a dangerous thing to live above your means. What if there is a sudden need for cash? A health emergency or a surprise bill?

And those of you guys that are dating someone and you can’t tell them when you’re cash strapped so, you take your babe to mad restaurants and eat garri like crazy. I’m here for you. Mscheeew. What’s worse is that you borrowed that garri ahead of time because you already knew stupidity was following you. Then you will now post the picture of the restaurant on Instagram but forget to add the garri. Can we all please respect ourselves, this adulting thing is hard enough without you your no-garri-eating Instagram photos putting pressure on us to be great. Some of us will actually like to get through this come-up phase with all our marbles intact.

15 Hip-Hop Collaborations That Rocked Nigeria    

Hip-hop they say is a universal language for hip hop lovers we have been inspired by Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Nas to mention a few. In Nigeria we have also had Modenine, MI and Eldee and a couple of others.In no particular order, here are my biggest 15 hip-hop collaborations that rocked Nigeria.

Nobody Test Me- Jesse Jagz ft Ice Prince & MI

Image by Body Lawson
This was a dope hip hop collaboration unifying the 3 Choc Boys to form hip hop alliance the song which was on Jesse Jagz’s debut album Jagz of all trades witnessed this 3 wordsmiths who were at the peak of their powers bringing their A-Game to this track and the truth is really nobody could test them at this time.

Ghost Mode – Phyno ft Olamide


When this two hip hop giants from both the East and West collaborated nobody was sure what will come out of it and whether they will strike gold but the truth is they didn’t strike gold but they hit platinum as this was the beginning of a partnership from the East and the West which led to more collaborations and this song was also on Phyno’s debut album No Guts No Glory.

Local Rappers- Reminisce ft Olamide, Phyno & Chigurl


This was a street anthem as this collaboration between kings of both the East and the West which also had Chigurl lacing the hook saw this 3 MC’s spitting and taking shots at punchline and English rappers stating that they are here to stay The song also won best collaboration at the Headies award earlier this year and was the lead single on Reminisce 3rd studio album Baba Hafusa.

Super sun (Remix) – Bez ft Eva, Eldee Da Don, Ice Prince.


After his supersun single he follows it up with a remix as the alternative singer took an unfamiliar route and put 3 rappers on the remix where all the rappers brought another dimension  to make it a hip hop classic and this song was also a lead single on his debut album Supersun.

Marry Me- Falz ft Poe & Yemi Alade


This was a smash hit single off his debut album Wazup Guy as Falz and Poe doing their thing while Yemi Alade played a supporting role with the hook.This was a humorous rap song centred around a girl who is frustrated with her man for not proposing to her after dating for a long time and instead opts for another woman the lyrics in this song make it a memorable rap classic.

Trybal Mark – Trybesemen


Trybesmen were the pioneers of hip hop in Nigeria (The others being SWAT ROOT and Remedies) with Eldee Da Don, Kaboom and freestyle who were the first members of this group and they came through with their smash hit single Trybal Mark which was the song that brought them into the limelight.

Shakomo- Remedies


This was another group which comprised of Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Tetuila and Eddie Montana and they came together to do this groovy rap tune titled shakomo the track which earned rave reviews from critics and they also got a mention from Hip Hop World Magazine at that time for this track.

Spazmodic- Mode 9 & Terry the Rapman


This song according to hip hop critics is regarded as the best hip hop collaboration of all time in Nigeria based on just lyrics as both MC’s tried to outdo each other with their timeless bars and punchlines this song was on Mode 9’s mixtape Pentium IX and Terry Tha Rapman’s sophomore album The Rapman begins and a fun fact for you in the video of this song there was an unknown MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince so you could say this was the making of stars.

Stylee – DJ Jimmy Jatt ft Tuface, Mode 9 & Elajoe


This was a jam for the streets especially in Lagos as DJ Jimmy Jatt enlists Mode 9 and Elajoe to do justice to this classic not forgetting 2Baba himself who had a solid verse and hook to follow up.This song later became the lead single on Jimmy Jatt’s debut album The Definition.

1,2,3 Remix- DJ Neptune ft MI, Naeto C & Dagrin


Another DJ again comes up with another hip hop classic as he recruits MI Abaga, Naeto C and Dagrin (of blessed memory) for this classic rap tune as this 3 MC’s all brought their best display of wordplay,metaphor and punchlines.

Government – Reminisce ft Olamide and Endia


A song off his 2nd studio album Alaga Ibile came this socially conscious rap tune called Government. This was a track speaking of the ills in the society and he had the Baddo himself and Endia on this track to make it a memorable tune and again it’s well worth noting that this song got Reminisce a mention on TIME magazine.

Eziokwu – Lynxx ft Ikechukwu, Phyno & Ill bliss


This was hip hop made in the east as Lynxx sought the help of his fellow Eastern brothers Phyno , Ikechukwu and Oga boss himself ill Bliss to make a street anthem which not only went viral in the east but all over the country.

U know my P – Naeto C ft Ikechukwu


Big boy rap hasn’t felt so good like this 2 MC’s doing it off Naeto C’s debut album which was also titled U know my P Naeto C and Ikechukwu just flowed seamlessly on this song and produced a feel good rap tune.

King Kong Remix -Vector ft Phyno, Reminisce, Classic & Uzi


After a well received original version of King Kong. Vector decided to go one better and do the remix bringing on Penthauze heavyweight Phyno, Babahafusa himself Reminisce, Classiq the Hausa rapper and the last but not the least the fastest rapper in Nigeria Uzi.All of them joined forces to bring forth a dope hip hop joint.

Sample Remix- Terry tha Rapman & Pherowshuwz ft Stereoman



This was a remake of the original sample track by Stereoman. Terry tha Rapman and Pherowshuwz combined to make a dope hip song which was on Terry tha Rapman’s 3rd studio album Boys Are not smiling and the song also got Pherowshuwz an award for the best rap single at the Headies.

Dear Nigerian Artistes

Dear Nigerian Artistes

Back in the 90’s we had musicians who were socially conscious as I listened to Onyeka Onwenu’s One Love, Daddy Showkey’s Fire Fire. Even Fela of blessed memory was known for doing socially conscious music, criticising the government and speaking of the ills in our society. Even in the early and mid 2000’s when there were songs like Jaga Jaga by Eedris Abdulkareem which got him in trouble with the former President Obasanjo. There were songs like Power of Naija by 2face, eldee-_-talkmuzikMe I go yarn by Eldee, Only 4 Naija by Terry tha Rapman. 2face-idibia-tuface

But our Nigerian artistes are no longer socially conscious. Save for very few most are only after scoring their next big hit and will decide to do a couple of club bangers to get airplay on the radio.

Here is the problem for me, it’s not all about the hits because hits come and go what remains is the value added to the society.

Imagine for a second artists like Olamide, Phyno or even Tekno did a song on the societal ills in our country. Music is communication and communicating in Nigeria’s case should entail singing about the abnormalities in our society. It becomes a beacon of hope to the people and in another way demands more from the government. The truth is music is powerful.

eedris-abdulkareem-1  r-2148015-1387917645-4656-jpeg

Dear Nigerian artistes know that you are very powerful in your own way and can bring about change in your own little way not everybody can relate to popping bottles, driving the best cars, getting money but people will definitely relate to your songs of hope for a better nation and a society on. God bless you for reading.

Also, remember, the greatest Nigerian artiste to ever hold the microphone, made most of his music about the social ills in Nigeria. I’m talking about the one and only Fela Anikulapo Kuti


The Day The Devil Nearly Took Over The Choir 

I was in Jss 3, we had finished writing our NECO or Junior WAEC, but the school decided giving us a bible camp would assist our destiny more than sending us home since the school term hadn’t ended. A friend of mine and I, although we weren’t friends at the time, were chosen to serve as “Chaplains” as it were. Our job was basically to welcome the people that would be preaching to us, stall and kill time, list students to take prayer points and handle the choir (that was pretty much made up off Js 3 members of the school choir and anyone that felt that they could sing). I would later find out that feeling you could sing is a horrible motivation to join a choir.  
One day, we were waiting for the next minister who was running really late and we were running out of people to lead praise and worship because the regulars had either almost miraculously lost their voices, had already run out of songs or were not just led to sing.

Up comes a Joshua, to take over and lead us into the musical promise land where will be singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus and filing a formal complaint with whatever Angel is in charge of spiritual punctuality against the man of God who had kept us waiting for almost an hour.

Our Joshua takes the microphone and within five minutes she had sang on about five different keys. It was absolute chaos. The Bass guitarist at the time was the most musically adept and before he could find the key and tell the keyboardist, Joshua had changed levels again.

At this point the only person not finding this irritating is the drummer, he’s just there flogging the drums like one of the wicked teachers in my primary school would do to our butts. This goes on for another few minutes and I’m just there waiting for the next key to come along.

The noise level -and that’s really what it was; noise- suddenly reduces, it takes me a second to figure out the keyboard was silent, before I turn around to look at the keyboard area, I see the keyboardist, keyboard in hand angrily matching towards the altar. At the same time I catch a car pulling up to the hall with the corner of my eye. The preachers here, and the keyboardist is about to send the soloist to hell, with a keyboard for that matter.

This is the point in cartoons that everyone starts running around hands in air as if trying to reach to space, screaming “the world’s coming to an end!” And really this is what’s going on in my head.

Someone from the instrument stand intercepts the keyboardist just as he puts a foot on the first step of the altar. He tries to yank the keyboard from but the keyboardist is too strong, in a few seconds, everyone would notice what’s going on, if both he and the keyboardist start a tug of war at the side of the altar. The Preacher is ascending the stair case to the hall, the world is still about to end, the cartoons in my head are still running up and down with hands raised up.

In a sudden twist, the intercepter convinces the keyboardist to turnaround and head back to the instrumental stand, the madness is over before it even starts, the preacher enters the hall and by the time he gets to his seat the keyboard is back up, trying to chase Joshua as she changes keys…again.

How Celebrity Endorsements Are Destroying Cell Reception 

Disclaimer: This is purely my opinion not necessarily based on empirical facts.
Today, MTN endorses Mr. Club Music, tomorrow Glo endorses Mr. Calm Music, the day after that Airtel endorses Miss up and coming music and the day after Etisalat re-signs Banky W. From the point of view of the musicians, I have no problem with them getting acknowledged for their hardwork or at the very least the hardwork of their amazing producers especially considering our haphazard entertainment system, although it is slowly evolving. 


The telecommunications companies on the other hand seem to have sacrificed quality service for celebrity endorsements. Globacom and MTN especially  appear to be in constant competition to sign the most main stream artists from Wizkid to Waje, Davido to Bez. 
Coincidentally, as more brand ambassadors came on board the worse these networks became. MTN’s network suffers from epilepsy in my house. My village still has relatively poor cell reception and browsing with MTN is still slow a lot of times, 

in short network is bad!

 Then suddenly you hear the NCC defending these networks and blaming it on taxes and lack of electricity instead of doing its job to regulate service as if any industry has electricity 


Perhaps what baffles me is whether all these endorsements are worthwhile. Do people really buy telecoms networks because of the celebrities or are those adverts nothing more than a reminder of their existence and an information desk? I personally have only met one person who bought a line because of the celebrity brand ambassador, ironically the person told me a few weeks later he wanted to move to another line. 
I personally don’t think Nigerians and humans care about brand ambassadors as much as quality and although the two meet at some point in marketing quality should always take precedence after all St. Louis Sugar still downs advertise. 
This is just my rambling anyway, get on with your phone calls. 


Hey guys, it is time to cast your votes for the best among your two favorites. Get all your friends and neighbors, and be ready to do some critical thinking in a fun way 🙂 below, there is a list of actors, actresses, musicians, places, movies etc. that most of us if not all treat equally. Some categories are represented so feel free to make your choices and post your comments…
Friends VS How I met your mother
Scandal VS How to get away with murder
Lord of the rings VS Harry Potter
2012 VS The day after tomorrow
Olympus has fallen VS White house down


Sandra Brown VS Nora Roberts

Sidney Sheldon VS Jeffery Archer

Jackie Collins VS Wilbur Smith
Sam Smith VS John legend
Justin Bieber VS Bruno Mars
Jay Z VS kanye West
Taylor Swift VS Miley Cyrus
Beyonce VS Rihanna
Nicki Minaj VS Iggy Azalea
Whitney Houston VS Mariah Carey

Eddie Murphy VS Martin Lawrence
Samuel .l. Jackson VS Morgan Freeman
Vin Diesel VS The Rock
Jet Lee VS Jackie Chan
Brad Pit VS George Clooney
Jennifer Aniston VS Angelina Jolie
Whoopi Goldberg VS Queen Latifah
Jessica Alba VS Halle Berry
Catherine Zeta Jones VS Megan Fox

Oprah Winfrey VS Ellen DeGeneres
Rome VS Paris
Bahamas VS Hawaii
Nelson Mandela VS Mahatma Gandhi

Music Thursday: Half A Heart By One Direction

“Half A Heart”

So your friend’s been telling me
You’ve been sleeping with my sweater
And that you can’t stop missing me
Bet my friend’s been telling you
I’m not doing much better
‘Cause I’m missing half of me

And being here without you is like I’m waking up to

Only half a blue sky
Kinda there but not quite
I’m walking around with just one shoe
I’m half a heart without you
I’m half a man at best,
With half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do,
I’m half a heart without you

Forget all we said that night
No, it doesn’t even matter
‘Cause we both got split in two
If you could spare an hour or so,
We’ll go for lunch down by the river
We can really talk it through

And being here without you is like I’m waking up to

Only half a blue sky
Kinda there but not quite
I’m walking around with just one shoe
I’m half a heart without you
I’m half a man at best,
With half an arrow in my chest
‘Cause I miss everything we do,
I’m half a heart without you

Half a heart without you,
I’m half a heart without you

Though I try to get you out of my head
The truth is I got lost without you
And since then I’ve been waking up to

Only half a blue sky (only half a blue sky)
Kinda there but not quite
I’m walking around with just one shoe
I’m half a heart without you
I’m half a man at best (half a man at best)
With half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do,
I’m half a heart without you

Without you, without you, half a heart without you
Without you, without you, I’m half a heart without you


It is not unusual to see 10 out of 15 people on the streets, public transport, anywhere with cords that lead to their ears
Yes! Earpiece
People don’t get it most times
Why some of “us” spend money on it
It’s not the music, it’s more than that
It is the connection
So magical
Even the people who use it hardly ever notice it
But it is there; somewhere
The moment you fix it to your ear,
You are suddenly lost in a different world
Just you and your thoughts
Feeling so far away from the person sitting next to you
Total disconnection from your immediate environment
Your attention swaggering between the music and your thoughts
Then the “dum dum” sound so close to you that you can almost touch it
It suddenly rhymes with your heartbeat
You nod your head so hard and keep tapping your feet and it’s like
“Oh! So I can dance like this?”
Every song makes sense because you have access to every detail of the beat
That earpiece just makes you feel like you are in the studio
The words of the song just get to you and suddenly you are a character in the lyrics : 0
Then there is that feeling of confidence;
Most of “us” only sing when “we” put on “our” earpiece
That is; when in reality we “scream” along with the music confidently
But in our hearts and imagination we are singing along with our “talented voices”

Somehow, by fixing that earpiece, you find some sort of relaxation, shelter and healing
That is the magic I am trying to explain
Only the power of the earpiece
Nothing new, nothing strange
We just never notice.