UgoTalks To Aina Davies About Makeup 

1. What inspired you to start ARD and when did you start? was started officially in March 2013 but prior to that I had already received training in makeup artistry (a beginners class). After my training, I really didn’t want to take up makeup as a career or an entrepreneurial outfit but with time, I began to discover the depth of makeup and cosmetics and literally fell in love. I also researched on globally recognized artists and studied a lot on how they ran the business and how they all had one thing in common; a natural love for the arts. This was when I realized that there really wasn’t anything stopping me from starting something for myself. My major influence and inspiration at the time was Karla Powell (a British makeup artist) whom I still admire and respect anyways.


2. Did you take any professional classes and where did you take them?
Yes I have, I received training firstly in 2012 at transformation studios, Abuja Nigeria and later on took a master class in hair, makeup and nails artistry at the London Makeup Academy, Euston London. Asides that, I have gained various skills by studying and watching other professionals works.

3. How supportive are your Friends and Family?
To be very honest, I bless God everyday for the people I am surrounded by. My ‘inauguration’ into makeup was made possible by my mum who suggested I attended makeup school just to pass time lol. We really didn’t know at the time that it would spring forth into something really major in my life. My family has been totally supportive and my friends are just the best. Sometimes, I don’t feel like my work cuts it but they’re always there to encourage me and criticize as well. My life is beautiful because of them.


4. You’re studying Chemical Engineering, isn’t that world apart from running your own make up and is there a deeper relationship between your course of study and ARD?
Well, combining my education and makeup isn’t exactly the most convenient. Sometimes I have to postpone a lot of projects because I have school work to attend to. But, when you consider makeup and chemical engineering, there is a connection which is cosmetology. I hope to produce my own makeup and cosmetics one day and by studying chemical engineering I am able to relate with its production on that level. This plans weren’t made from the beginning so I just thank God it’s all falling into place.

5. Your in the business of beautifying people, what is beauty to you?
Beauty to me is … (Lol I can’t quantify it so I’ll just tell you how I feel about beauty). God created us all different from the next person, that is beauty. The fact that I have to implore various techniques when applying makeup for different people, that is beauty. The different bone structures, face contours, skin tones, hair textures we also possess differently from the next person,that is utmost beauty. I appreciate everything distinct about my clients and term it beauty. I’m excited by all these things which makes my job even more appealing to me.

 6. What inspires your creativity?
My creativity is sparked by the fact that the world is constantly changing and what I know today is most likely obsolete tomorrow. I push myself to learn so many things and evolve with time because I know that tomorrow makeup cannot be what it still is. 

7. I just have to ask, what’s your favorite makeup advice?
My makeup advice would be, ‘Be comfortable in your own skin’ . As not proper as that may sound coming from a makeup artist, say it to yourself 3 more times and see. Thank you!

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Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Get your pencil and draw. Draw like you are paid to do it. Draw in the face of boredom. Draw like its the most important thing in your life. And if you don’t like your drawing, draw again…and again.

Get your pen and write. Write the best story never written, write the best speech never spoken, write the best song never sung, write the best book never published. And if you don’t like your writing, write again…and again.


Get your laptop and design. Design the best website ever. The best advert poster. Design the best building, your dream home or office even. And if you don’t like your designs, design another one, again…and again. 

Imagine, inventing new tech, upgrading existing ones. Sit down and plan whole events that may never hold, do it all, the lights, cameras, food, the of course the venue. Attend your event in your mind even if no body does, be a mental audience of one.

Sing, take pictures, talk, Whatever you do, do it. Even if your the only one, just do it. And if you don’t like how it turned out, do it again…and again. 

Just keep that creative juice flowing.