What the PDP convention tells us as we enter the 2019 election season.

With the election season entering top gear, Nigeria’s opposition party PDP, decided to have its convention and finally settle a two year leadership tussle that had seen the party fall behind APC. With Atiku Abubakar, arguably Nigeria’s best branded politician moving back to the party from APC, the convention should have been a moment to put APC on notice and inspire Nigerians, it did not live up to the expectations.

While the convention had all the ingredients to motivate PDP’s core supporters, it was more of the same political rigmarole in a time when Nigerians are looking for something else.

The results of the PDP convention are worrying for a plethora of reasons. For one, Nigeria’s two biggest thug life governors, Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike and Ekiti state governor Peter Fayose put what was left of PDPs old guard on notice. The party, in 2016 had agreements to zone the chairmanship to the south-west, Wike apparently didn’t get the memo as he put his weight behind Uche Secondus and shoved out heavy weights like Bode George and Otungba Gbenga Daniel.

Despite Bode George’s rants about this in a press release, it is difficult to be sympathetic to a man who after many years of “service” is a crystal clear representation of the crop of Nigerian leadership that has led the country to the conundrum that it is now in. In fact Bode George is crying because for the first time in a long time he has tasted a medicine he had distributed to so many over the counter and that is joyous to behold.

But the joy is a short one because a PDP at the beck and call of Wike or Fayose for that matter is not really the type of party that Nigeria needs and it doesn’t matter whether they are the opposition or in government, like APC, they’re just not it.

The absence of women and young people in PDPs core positions show that the party is not ready to change or reinvent itself to the times. It is not even prepared to pretend. With Fayose’s stomach infrastructure and Rivers state’s money PDP may do well for themselves come 2019, but history has told us that what is good for PDP or APC for that matter is not always good for Nigeria.

What then can ordinary Nigerians do? Time is ticking and with APC and PDP at the forefront of Nigeria’s leadership tussle the projections do not bode well for an inspirational or impactful election season.

There are a lot of small impact things we can do, one is to join political parties whether it’s APC or PDP. We need to get in there en mass and we need to stamp our foot down and not settle for more of the same.

Second is to become open and comfortable with the idea of exploring options outside the PDP and APC. Some of the smaller party candidates we will see in the coming months may or may not have a profile of Atiku’s popularity and they will definitely not have the bank of the two political titans but can we not automatically assume all of them are incompetent? We need to settle and examine their proposals and plans on a case by case basis.

Third, vote PDP or APC on a policy basis. Elections in Nigeria are rarely ever about the policy, sometimes they are about proposed actions but never about the how to (the plan). They are always about the person and the party. We can’t afford that in 2019. Support whoever you want to but make sure you know and agree with what they want to do and how they say they want to do it. Ask questions!

Finally vote! Your vote matters, it counts, your vote can decide a ward and that ward can decide a state. It matters. Do not sell it and if you must eat Ayo Fayose’s rice, still vote with your conscience. Nigeria cannot afford for you to be apolitical, get down in the grind put your ears to the floor and consult your brain. God help us and let 2019 be favorable for all those who want Nigeria’s progress.


Why Nigeria Needs PDP Now More Than Ever

There is already talk about whether the PDP will be able to survive this loss at the presidential and National Assembly polls. It is not unwarranted after all for the 16 years since their inception the PDP have never known what it feels like to be an opposition party at the highest levels of government and this being the first time they were challenged by worthy competitors they buckled and lost. 
As a matter of fact since the idea of the formation of the APC was made known, the PDP has been having restless nights with the decamping completions and internal conflicts that have pervaded it. The exit of key influential figures like Obasanjo and key northern members like Rabiu Kwakwanso, Atiku Abubakkar and Tanbuwal not to mention its weak leadership has left the party shaking at the knees for sometime. But now the PDP, like the Nigerian Polity shares a very uncertain future, unlike Nigeria however it is not that optimistic for the PDP. 
However with the APC firmly at the helm of affairs come May 29th, the PDP must remain intact for its survival and the progress of this country. Corrupt or not, the party has 16 years of experience in democratic governance at the federal level, experience time and conditions might not allow the APC do without. Political Sages like David Mark must remain relevant within the PDP’s faction of the National Assembly to bring 16 years of experience consistency and calm to the National Assembly. 
The PDP needs to mount opposition pressure on the APC within the confines of laws and morality as soon as possible to keep the APC’s new government in check if not the APC will just end up slowly turning into PDP 2.0. I’m hopeful that this loss came as reality check and will cause the party to sit up rather than fall apart so that the best of our democracy will come out. 
With the ethnic divide seen in these elections it’s not inappropriate to say it would be difficult to get northerners to vote for a non-northerner came 2019 if the APC doesn’t live up to its promises. In truth it may be a lot more difficult to get Buhari out than it was to get him in especially if the PDP capitulates. 
The PDP, in my opinion needs new leadership, leadership that can inspire confidence in the members. It also needs to do this to minimize people decamping and loosing more valuable manpower and influence. That was what cost it the north the absence of influential people within the party to endorse Jonathan and split the APC’s share. After all the current chairman couldn’t even win his home state of Bauchi for the PDP.  
It also needs to reorganize and restrategise. It needs learn to quel internal conflicts before it boils over like we saw in Ogun state, Rivers state and many more PDP states. It has to be united within and without or at least fake it. It also just conducted one of the worst reelection campaigns in the history of reelection campaigns. The savy campaign edge of the PDP we saw in 2007 and 2011 appears to have disappeared. The FFK’s, Reno Omokri’s, Doyin Okupe’s did horrible jobs. They need to go scouting or look for skills and talents suppressed within their ranks, after all the PDP is for now still the largest political party in Nigeria. 

I’m Tired Of Nigerian Politics. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am fatigued, exasperated and quite frankly flabbergasted by the political sphere. It looks like something out of the script of an AY Live show. If Fayose is not prophesying Buhari’s death in National Newspapers, he is getting in touch with all Buhari’s doctors to tell them how much longer before he drops dead. Funny thing is he is never correct. Then walks in FFK, with his vocal cords vibrating in a way that is gradually becoming a lot faster than his minds ability to process information. 
Then you have his excellency the executive president of Niger Delta Mr./Chief/whatever his title  is Asari Dokubo. Who is most definitely running his own country because it’s funny how someone as verbally unskilled as himself has not been locked up for treasonable utterances or at least taken back to school to learn the fundamentals of Patriotism & Nationalism. 
Lest I forget our INEC President who the presidency plans to remove before the plan leaked. Who also appears to be dancing to hs own fiddle (which is normally a good thing but it’s not so good in Nigeria). Did I mention that the way PVC’s are being distributed and misdistributed whoever losses this election may loose because his voters didn’t get their PVC’s. 
Of course there is a rumored APC agenda for Osibanjo to hand over to Tinubu, as if having a 72 year old wasn’t bad enough (I mean in what developed with a vibrant youth state will that happen) we will now have two elder states man reemerge to lead this country. It’s kind of like qualifying for World Cup and asking Okocha and Kanu to come out of retirement and play…(they will be pipes of such a celestial degree). 
If I were given an opportunity to manage Jonathan’s Campaign for a week, my first port of call would be to sack Doyin Okupe and Reno Omokri, I’m sure I can do their jobs a lot better than them, they are horrible, it’s either that or they are actually working for Buhari to make sure Jonathan looses in which case they would be geniuses. 
But let me draw your attention to the most important news in this country that hardly makes the headlines on Radio or TV. 
In less than a month, it would be a year that the Chibok girls where taken. I had assumed a year ago, that by now this children would have been back, but I was wrong. A lot could have happened to those kids in a year, things that only Hod could rehabilitate them from and it all happened under the sober gaze of Mr. President. It also happened under my gaze and your gaze. So I want to apologize to the parents for not doing everything I could to help, for forgetting them on social media and in conversations in real life, for forgetting to put them in my prayers while I was praying for stupid stuff. I pray they come back and soon too. 

Header Via Okechukwu Ofili

I Am Happy Nigerian Entertainers Lost Their Primaries

Call me bad belle if you want to, but I must be truthful. I was already planning to boycott all Nollywood movies in personal protest to what I deemed was a political scam. But anyway this goes to illustrate what I said in my ealier post Why Are Nigerian Actors Entering Politics and Tony Tetuilla’s Bashed Car

To be honest I do think this is a time for this of the entertainers who contested and who really want to change this nation to go back to the drawing board. We need to see them more active on the political seen, to take stands publicly on national issues. (I didn’t say party issues, I said national issues.) This will show Nigerians how honest they are. For those that wanted the money, I think they should just go and start a business, maybe a high-end fashion line or seek for some form of endorsement or something.


For Desmond Elliot, the sole survivor, I think he should keep on pressing and while I wish him the best of luck in the main elections, Nollywood will definitely miss his input for the next few years if he does win. I am not sure whether I will boycott his movies quite yet, I will give him sometime to convince me that he is not just another Nigerian politician seeking for tax payers money. 

All said and done…2015 looks really interesting.

Dissecting Jonathan II

Yesterday night I was ambushed by one of my friends as to my first installment of Dissecting Jonathan. Apperantly he felt I had been unfair to our commander in chief. I was asked to put myself in his shoes and walk a mile or two. I was also asked by one of my readers to give an answer to this quagmire we have found ourselves in as a country or at least what could be done better. To top it off today is democracy day, so I really do want to finish what I started. 


Laconically, my arguement in my previous post is that I believe that this country and our commander-in-chief have found ourselves in an unhumorous situation in which any country or political leader in the world will be a little bit confused and frustrated. However, if Jonathan’s antecedent of needless scandals and improper management of crisis is anything to go by I am afraid that we may not have the most equipped person in Aso rock saddled with the responsibility of leading us out of this situation. 


That being said if I were Jonathan what would I be doing differently?


I wouldn’t be focusing all my energies on carrying out a propaganda to defend the government, my energies would be much more needed in actively looking for a solution. All the brouhaha that Labaran Maku and Doyin Okupe are causing is more harm than good or even worse is doing nothing. The attempt to blame the #bringbackourgirls protest on an opposition party is wrong. Even if it is led by the APC, that is why it is an opposition party. You don’t expect them to agree with you even if you are doing the righ thing. As long as they are not actively undermining or frustrating the government which the protest isn’t doing, it’s a component of democracy and one should deal with it or resign.



So far it’s The national orientation agency that is doing a sensible job at PR and even at that there is room for improvement. However this indeed is a tricky situation. What we need is transparency. Why was it till the international media literally dragged our government officials in front of the camera before we heard a word. He needs to be more transparent at least to the degree that doesn’t compromise military activities. 


I remeber just a few days ago a top military official came to say “we know where the girls are”. That’s not transparency it’s something else. Why tell us that if the next thing you want to say is we cannot get them. The problem there is what stops Boko haram from moving them since they feel their location has been compromised? What we need to be hearing is a breakdown of what’s going on. “Two battalions” doesn’t give me a number, it gives me a word. What resources do they have, have many planes being deployed? What specific training do these troops have for this situation don’t tell me they have been “trained”.   Give the people specifics not vague rhetoric. 


 Jonathan seems to forget that appearance does a lot. Winston Churchill renewed the vigor of British troops and citizens everyday during the Second World War through his radio broadcasts and regular visits to the troops. His oratory prowess despite the fact that he had a lisp is legendary. The people want and need to feel like they are not abandoned. Nigeria needs a stay at home president! Send your V.P to. France and wherever but stay here and stay near the north both literarily and emotionally even if it is to keep up appearances at least the people will feel needed. It’s not all about the military tactics!



How many federal government officials from the  have visited the FAMILIES of this tragedy? Forget the site now, visit the people. But even the site they haven’t visited. We need a president who doesn’t have his head in the clouds. I believe it was following Huricane sandy that Obama took time out of his campaign to visit the victims in New Jersey. His actions were so sincere that he won a reelection endorsement from the governor, Chris Christy who is a powerful member of the opposition party. Although you may choose to argue it was a political move, but at least it worked.


Honestly, I do believe that our president at heart is a good man. I just think he is a little clueless which considering the situation would be somewhat expected because it’s tricky for anyone or government, but that he has behaved clueless since 2011 is worrisome.