Fear vs. Reality

The fear of people is most times having no connection to reality.  According to Houston Chronicle May 2 1996,

People fear flying, yet they are more likely to choke to death than die on a commercial aircraft. 
They fear being stabbed by a total stranger but yet are twice as likely to be killed playing sport. 
They fear being killed by a shark, yet barnyard pigs kill more people than sharks do. 
They fear dying in a medical procedure but are sixteen times likely to die in a car accident than a medical procedure 
There is a scientific field of study called Psychoneuroimmunology, it is the Study of the mind and its effects on sickness and disease. Psychologists have now developed a profile of what they call the “hardy personality.” 
This is the man or woman who seems to respond positively and effectively to adversity and setbacks. He or she is optimistic and forward thinking. It seems that the more optimistic you are, the stronger and more resilient is your mind and body. As a result, you will have higher levels of energy and a quicker recovery rate from fatigue. You will seldom be ill for any reason. If you catch a cold or flu, which will be rare, you will bounce back quickly as the fortified t-cells in your body quickly counter attack and eradicate the infection that is causing it
Also in the Bible we see the story of David and Goliath, but while people saw Goliath as too big to kill David say him as too big too miss
Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘Make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear. If you do the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain’
What are you afraid of…get rid of it!

I Can’t Help It (Part 2)

One of the Most inspiring stories of Success I have ever heard is the story of Hellen Keller. You see, blind people or deaf people are not exactly too hard to find. But people who are both bind and deaf, now that is rare. Hellen Keller was one of such. She was blind and deaf. She became the first blind and deaf person to get a Bachelor of Arts diploma, became a prolific author and today has a day in her honor partly because her teacher Anne Sullivan was able to break down the communication  barrier and accept her for who she was. She could have given up, there was no point especially considering the absence of modern day medical advances. No she held on too her dream and a motivation.

In our journey sometimes we need an Anne Sullivan to our Hellen Keller. It could be a thought, a person, a quote, a dream or even a song. Personally I run to God, my dreams and Music. The important thing is find something that keeps you going. That situation may be tough, you may feel frustration rising like never before sometimes you feel like you are swallowing yourself in your own stupidity and flaws but you must find something that keeps you moving.
You see, drug addicts are addicted because, they use drugs to keep them going and sane. I am antagonistic towards the use of drugs, but what is your own drug. Where or what or who do you run to when you are in that tight spot
Be wise whatever or whoever is your must be positively and adequately equipped to help drag you out of yourself. Don’t give up

I can’t Help It (Part 1)

A new day dawns. New opportunities arise. New decisions to make, actions to undertake. Life is essentially a routine. In many ways life has always been routine no matter how you see it. However There is a problem with the merry-go-round that is life. I know I ought to be a lot more than I am but I am not. I look around for who or what to trade blames with but I just can’t shake the conviction that there is nothing and no one that can dare share in the blame of the struggles of my life.

Every day I rise and put a smile on my face- a smile that has become cemented by the façade that is life. You tell me your problems and I share “words of wisdom”. Like me some of you can acknowledge that your life would be better if only you took your advice.

The irony of the matter is that I know the answers to my problems. None the less the answers are as difficult to execute as the problems. 

Have you ever wondered why the people who have the most personal troubles can sometimes give the best advice? I did too till I realized I was in the same condition. Surrounded on every side yet when you open your mouth you are astonished at what you said. 

It isn’t a lie that sometimes when you are in a fix you know what to do but just can’t seem to muster the energy to do it.

Sometimes getting out of the bed can be a struggle, sometimes, it can be taking your own advice, sometimes it’s pulling yourself away from the t.v, other times it’s avoiding your guilty pleasures. but whatever it is that you find difficult to do because of some aperrant warring forces in your mind…I resonate with you. And I know this works…never till forever give up on those mental resolutions.

Keep Hope Alive (Dedicated to Nelson Mandela & The Loving Memory of Mr. Babajide)

There are several talents that come naturally because you are a human. One of them for some of us is the ability to take in pain and still smile on the outside. Invariably some others must find expressions for the pain any way necessary. 

This is for those of you who sometimes like me can take in personal, and emotional pain to a point where we are often times between pharaoh and the Red Sea. One thing we quickly learn is that the sea does not always divide for us to walk on dry ground. Sometimes we have to swim against the harsh currents and the viccitudes of life. 
What do you do when you are so messed up in your head and the television cannot cure your heartache. What do you do when sometimes despite your best efforts your mind flashes back to the memory that if possible would have been deleted and your heart begins to race. What do you do when news you had hitherto only heard becomes your shaken reality. 
Many times we are suffocated on every side by our suffering and our pain. Like a mighty hand squeazing the life out of you, life will choke you. Don’t be deceived if you have never had reality wake you up at night with its bad breath of fear.
Honestly I have no advice no quick fix. My Bible says ‘my grace is sufficient for you’. I know personally many times I wish the grace wasn’t sufficient, that it was overflowing but that hope is all I have.
Hope is all I give to you. One day, I will get through this, one day I will come out. That hope is the oxygen that fills my lungs despite reality’s grip and boy is that grip tight. That hope is all you need. Keep Hope Alive. 

What Makes You Different? (Part 2)

Now where was I…ok…I remember. 

We must be sincere with ourselves why we pursue what we pursue whether a leadership position at a high level like in politics or as little as in school. Ask yourself what makes you different.
Consider present situations and attempt to provide solutions while putting yourself in the context of the situation. It’s very important. Go through history and attempt to profer better solutions to already answered problems. Repeatedly doing this will awaken your mind to the reality of where you want to end up. What is that saying again…’pratice makes perfect’.
Once again, your inner belief in the fact that you are different cannot be in your ‘religion’ alone or your ‘Midas touch’ it must be tangible whether in antecedents or in the present.

What Makes You Different? (Part 1)

I Am a student of political science (well it’s actually International Relations but they have similarities) and what I have discovered evidently not in the lecture halls is that many of my course mates have a desire to hold political office. For some reasons unknown to me I don’t. 

However one day a question popped into my mind and I asked one of them…’what makes you different from anyone that has ever held a political office in this country?’…the answer was dismal to say the least.
Religion is obviously not the answer we have had many religious ( corrupt but religious), integrity alone isn’t also the answer, discipline and hardwork also does not satisfy the question. Will you say that there was no time in Nigeria’s past where we didn’t have at least one leader with such quality…(to be continued)

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