Who came up with this nonsense! This is irritating, disgusting, ridiculous and simply racist. I don’t understand who at UNICEF approved this campaign. 

See how they rubbed mud on their faces or whatever the hell make up they put to make them look like what? BLACK? 

Who said I’m glad to worry about school? What nonsense. Yes there are millions of African Children outside school, so also in Europe, Asia and the Americas. So they should shove this campaign in any open part of whoever is responsible.



What Is Education?

Education is sitting in a class with halved attention, listening to your lecturer talk about theorist and theories, a quarter of which he may not have practical knowledge on.
Education is jam-packing a bunch of information into your head so that you can regurgitate it on a piece of paper in the exam hall.
Educating is spending years and millions of Naira to get a few pieces of paper called certificates only to graduate into an overpopulated labour market that values work experience.
Education is telling yourself that because you went to school you are literate while forgetting to tell yourself your brain is hollow because of too much cramming. 
Education is spending hours in a library learning the principles of politics only to be asked at an interview “what makes you different?”


Education isn’t about impacting the ability to analyze present events and provide relevant information, but just making a good grade.
Education isn’t about identifying and fortifying individual strengths and weaknesses but grading everyone based on a quack perception of what aa persons strength ought to be.
Education isn’t about students learning, but school faculty and management keeping their jobs and impressing the parents of students. 
Education isn’t about helping you discover yourself, but conscripting you to what your teacher feels you ought to be.

Education is like the Nigerian government, all talk and no more.

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My Secondary School Ruined My Emotional Life Part 2

Written By A Budding Lawyer

I became scared of having close friends. Became terrified of trusting anyone. I learnt that the people you thought were close to you, could betray you in a heartbeat for something as mudane as jelousy, anger or a plate of rice and fish. My mates created Cliques based on their parents salaries, wealth and influence. 

Boys boys boys! They yelled at assembly and in the hostels. Don’t let them touch you, don’t be alone with them or else you could get suspended and would end up selling bread in your village! Or you could try having an abortion, die and end up beside Sadam hussain in hell.

They failed to teach me how to control those ragging teenage hormones,they failed to explain that its not abnormal,they failed to prepare me for the “right man”! Gosh, I did not even have an inkling on how to find him! I kept thinking..I’m just 16 afterall, what do I need him for?

I felt all men we’re sex maniacs who wanted to possess a women and turn them to slaves, I became extremely strict and possessive of my heart and emotions. My feminist side was born. My rules we’re simple “don’t let them in and if they get in and want to leave, help them pack their bags.” 

Only few people knew my soft side, I was lonely and perpetually angry at the world. The truth, as I have discovered in the last 3 years since I graduated, some men are totally lovable and sweet, some just want friendship and companionship, some would stick with you through all the mood swings, trust issues and anger at the world amongst many other things even when you can’t stand yourself!

The part of the supernatural being in our lives cannot be over emphasized but how about teaching life lessons? How about teaching kids about the institution of marriage, all its pro’s nd con’s, what God says about it, why they should make a specific choice and why they shouldn’t make the alternative and let them make this choices! 

Messing up with their half-baked philosophies and putting fear in their hearts isn’t the right approach to sex education. It leaves some scared to love and be loved and others to eager to taste the danger you preach against so vehemently.
Live and let live.

Omotayo Abejide Talks GG Clothiers


Full name
Omotayo Abejide

Educational qualification
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun state.

How did you get into fashion designing?
From the get go, I have always loved dressing up and pairing items of clothes together to define my personal style. So during the 2013 National ASSU strike, which ran for about 6months, I had nothing but time on my hands. The period gave me ample time to realise that a lot of the clothes I buy might be easy to make and a lot of the clothes I liked, might be cheaper to make. I engaged in a fashion school to learn so that I could make unique and affordable outfits for myself. Along the line, family members became clients, then friends and then referrals.

How do you motivate yourself?
Increasingly, I am realising that talent without work is useless. I believe the same is applicable to passion. The fashion world is not static. It changes as much as it recycles. This knowledge motivates me to yearn to know and do more. I intend to build a career in fashion. The thoughts and plans in my head concerning my career future in fashion always bring me out of my comfort zone and help me to keep an open mind to learning more and putting my very best into it. Also the fact that my creations enhance beauty and elegance keeps me going.



Designers You wish to work with
Deola Sagoe, Zizi cardow and Ade Bakare. I love the way they incorporate contemporary African prints into their creative works. It radiates glamour, patriotism and uniqueness.

Who are your mentors?
My parents. They are very principled people and they put best into everything they venture in. They have taught me to be optimistic, sacrifice, meticulous and decent. They also instilled the fear of God in me because in my opinion, any race you run without God’s backing is futile.
I also love Deola Sagoe. She inspires my inner drive to strive for creative perfection to achieve not only local recognition but also global recognition, while also giving back to my society.

How did you come about the name GG Clothiers?
It’s an acronym from my two favourite English names, Gabriella and Georgina. I have always joked about how I’d bear either of the names if I were to pick a Western name. I figured that creating a bespoke fashion label gave me an opportunity to bear a combination of the two names I’ve always liked.




Your philosophy about life?
Anything worth doing at all is worth doing EXCELLENTLY well. Tenacity and perseverance will open a lot of doors. For everything I do, I always think of how to make them better. Think outside the box. And most importantly I have learnt that to succeed you have to learn to sacrifice a lot because success never comes on a platter of gold. It feeds on sweat and self-discipline. I have also learnt to embrace failure as a step to attaining success.

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I Told My Neighbour, I Cannot Defend My Grade

Before you eat me raw, please give me a chance to explain myself. The truth is, Yes, I actually cannot defend my grade. It’s not because I cheated (which I don’t do), nor because of some other weird reason.

It’s quite simple actually, I can’t defend my grade because I crammed for the exam. It’s that simple. I cramped everything in my brain and went to go and download It in the exam hall. The only thing my reasoning faculties were used for was decoding some of the exam questions. Every other thing was an automated download. If I were to re-write the exam I wrote in the last few weeks right now, I would probably nearly fail.

In another two weeks I would most definitely fail that same exam despite the fact that I understand all the basic concepts and levels of practical applicability. But because I will be unable to quote Hans Morgenthau or Bertrand Russell and sound academic with the ‘thus’s’ and ‘hence’s’ and all those things, I would be labeled as a below average student. 

I cannot defend my grade because my grade is a reflection of my ability to recall useless data and not my ability to proper solutions.
I cannot defend my grade because it shows the depth of my conformity to the lecturers expectations and not my understanding of the actual subject matter.
I cannot defend my grade because it is a testament to my job-market qualifications and not my work place contribution. 
So yes, I can’t defend my grade and yes I do think academic excellence is a waste of time (don’t tell my mum I said that).
But I do think character development and capacity building should be the goal of educational institutions not rote memorisation.

Anyway, what do I know?

I Still Don’t Get The Point Of Exams

My friend Jaja told me that I am not academically inclined. Also, Dotun keeps saying for some strange reason that he dosent believe I read. And while I am always tempted to take offense, I can’t because it’s not completely a lie. You see, while I do value the bi-products of traditional education, I am still skeptical about so many things about it, one of it being exams.

 So after spending months in school, receiving lectures, doing occasionally pointless assignments and enduring allp manner of nonsense from people who are not worth the school fees their parents paid for them, I will have to sit down for a whole month and try to commit to memory everything I have been taught so I can regurgitate it with additional pointless information (to prove my level of seriousness to the examiner), only to forget within a few hours of submitting the paper. 

It is not like I don’t admire the ability of my brain to hold such voluminous information for so short a time but, if the whole point of an education is to educate, am I not allowed to question examinations that have little or nothing to do with the reality at hand? 

Yeah, there are some courses that may need this zero-some exam game, but what of the multitude of other courses that don’t. For example I can’t imagine why a course about research procedures requires a sit-down exam instead of an actual research project. 

So here I am cramming pure nonsense, believing God to help me remember everything till I am done with the exams. Such is the life of this undergrad.

Acres Of Diamond- Russell H. Conwell

I pity the rich man’s son. He can never know the best things in life. One of the best things in our life is when a young man has earned his own living, and when he becomes engaged to some lovely young woman, and makes up his mind to have a home of his own. Then with that same love comes also that divine inspiration toward better things, and he begins to have his money. 

He begins to leave off his bad habits and put money in the bank. When he has a few hundred dollars he goes out in the suburbs to look for a home. He goes to the savings bank, perhaps, for half of the value, and then goes for his wife, and when he takes his bride over the threshold of that door for the first time he says in words of eloquence my voice can never touch: “I have earned this home myself. It is all mine, and I divide with thee.” That is the grandest moment a human heart may ever know.

But a rich man’s son can never know that. He takes his bride into a finer mansion, it may be, but he is obliged to go all the way through it and say to his wife, “My mother gave me that, my mother gave me that, and my mother gave me this,” until his wife wishes she had married his mother. I pity the rich man’s son.

The statistics of Massachusetts showed that not one rich man’s son out of seventeen ever dies rich. I pity the rich man’s sons unless they have the good sense of the elder Vanderbilt, which sometimes happens. He went to his father and said, “Did you earn all your money?” “I did, my son. I began to work on a ferry boat for twenty- five cents a day.” “Then,” said his son, “I will have none of your money,” and he, too, tried to get employment on a ferry boat that Saturday night. He could not get one there, but he did get a place for three dollars a week. 

Of course, if a rich man’s son will do that, he will get the discipline of a poor boy that is worth more than a university education to any man. He would then be able to take care of the millions of his father. But as a rule the rich men will not let their sons do the very thing that made them great. As a rule, the rich man will not allow his son to work–and his mother! Why, she would think it was a social disgrace if her poor, weak, little lily-fingered, sissy sort of a boy had to earn his living with honest toil. I have no pity for such rich men’s sons.


Let me first state;
I did not invent these categories, I merely observed and labelled them,
I didn’t mention any persons name, don’t let your guilty conscience reach my comment box,
I am still my mothers baby boy (I don’t know why I just wrote that.)

They are those who other people just don’t like and it’s not because they did anything wrong. It could be that they just talk too much, give too much unnecessary info (ITK’s), or they always seem to be the ones to answer every question from a weird and sometimes annoying perspective. There is this “grumpiness” that comes over the class anytime a “public enemy” is talking in class, people just want to shoot them and for no reason in my own opinion. For some reason always have the most influence with the lecturers, they no Dr. This and Prof. that, and sometimes fix classes without informing the class.

They are those who know just what to say to get out of a bind. They usually have the least targets on their backs, they talk with “sense” in class, usually have plenty friends and some silent enemies they are just the “good guys and girls”, maybe it’s just their smiles, I really don’t know. 

When ever someone answers a question, or makes a comment or contribution, there is always a tackler close by. Their job is to start an argument with you in the class. If you say, black is beautiful they will call you a racist. If you say America is bad, they will ask you to go to Russia. I like the tacklers because they make classes interesting, and they make you think before talking. There are two types of tacklers, those that stand to challenge you and those that give side comments. The side comment tacklers are the worst because they are uncensored. 

These are those who don’t come to class and are relatively unknown and those who do and are also relatively unknown. These are my favorite group of people, because many times the most sense comes when the invisibles talk. It can also walk either way. 

The God parents are there but just don’t talk. They are liked, sweet mouthed or extremely uncouth but influential in their own way,  no 1 haters or managers of the public enemies, but they are cool like that. They just sit down with an IPad or a babe or guy, allow the lecturer to talk till heaven, when the lecturer is done then you know they are around.

They talk, talk and talk some more. They are the commentators, the clowns and sometimes the occasional dunces.

But when all is said I done…I LOVE THESE PEOPLE (ok maybe that’s a lie but you will never know!)

P.S. This was the product of EXTREME BOREDOM.

Mass Failure In WAEC…What Else is New

Over 1.6 Million people wrote WAEC this year with just a little over five hundred thousand passed with 5 credits including maths and English. They say that it’s roughly 31%. Last year it was 36% and the year before last it was 38% therefore other things being equal we can expect next year to be worse of than this, maybe just 27%.

Each year we have this discussion, mind you we never have it before people write the exams, only after. Back to my point. We always have this discussion and look for who to trade blames. The teachers say it’s the student, the student says it’s the teachers, the parents say it’s the teachers and government. The only result at the end of the academic confab, we keeping getting better at failing WAEC. 

Something is fundamentally wrong with both the examination system as well as the student preparation. I see no logical reason why a student will have to remeber word for word (as written in the syllabus and represented in the marking guide) many things they learnt over a year or two years ago to write an exam into a higher institution where 70%-80% of what he is asked in WAEC is useless and 99% is not used in daily professional life. Did I say learnt? I meant CRAMMED. I also do admit that students are not as focused and diligent as they need to be with social media and all. I will leave government out of this so I don’t turn this post into a full length book.

We need examination systems that test the basic and most important knowledge not academic jargons memorised to pass SS1 third term exams we need adequate infrastructure and maintenance culture in our schools. What in the world is alternative to practical? It’s either theory or it’s practical. If you ask me, aptitude should be integrated into our examination system. 

Anyway that’s just me, what do I know, I just talk to much