She has written for me as “rytewritter” in previous posts, but today I introduce her to you as a part of the team.  It’s still Ugo talking a lot, just that once in a while, one Princess of no Kingdom will come and say her own. I think you’d really enjoy her. Princess has a different way at looking at things. You know how people … Continue reading NEW WRITER ALERT: PRINCESS OF NO KINGDOM 


Csklothing is a mesh of Culture and Style to produce the very best of outfits and accessories for you. It is aimed at redefining fashion one step at a time. Eccentric African materials are combined with regular fabrics which are then tailored to stand out and be different from the norm. These outfits are given unique names according to the motive behind the designs. Csk … Continue reading CSK Clothing: A BIG MELTING POT OF DIVERSITY IN FASHION

UgoTalks To Azõm Designs

   1. Please tell us about yourself. My name is Ngohire Azoom, creative director and founder of azõm, a creative design startup. I’m an aspiring designer and student of architecture. I’m an art enthusiast and inspiration junkie.         2. How did you fall in love with Photography and Makeup? I’ve been into the arts since I was little. In my quest for inspiration in other fields … Continue reading UgoTalks To Azõm Designs

UgoTalks To Aina Davies About Makeup 

1. What inspired you to start ARD and when did you start? was started officially in March 2013 but prior to that I had already received training in makeup artistry (a beginners class). After my training, I really didn’t want to take up makeup as a career or an entrepreneurial outfit but with time, I began to discover the depth of makeup and cosmetics … Continue reading UgoTalks To Aina Davies About Makeup 

#UgoTalks To Teejay Collections 

I had the opportunity of interviewing the owner of Teejay’s Collections, Tejiri Omologe. We talked about things from her business to beauty. Here’s excerpts from the interview.     Ugo: I think the most basic question is, What inspired you to start Teejay’s Colections? TJ: I’ve always been in the creatives, I used to draw when I was younger, but it died somewhere along the line, but … Continue reading #UgoTalks To Teejay Collections