Adulting is hard: 5 things no one ever tells you about adulting

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, How has life been? Good? Well me too sha, I’m fine.. But not entirely. I’ve only been adulting for like two minutes now and I’m already tired. I miss those primary school days when we used to buy fan lolli for N20 and the mallam would cut it into 2 with scissors. You spend all your life literally looking up … Continue reading Adulting is hard: 5 things no one ever tells you about adulting

Let’s be real

I’m done. It’s over I can’t do this anymore Goodbye you scum.  See you never. But baby, what’s wrong?  Tell me Whatever it is I’ll fix it Don’t leave me   I’m tired of your lies I’m tired of your games I’m done.  I’m leaving And let’s be real here You don’t deserve me   But I’m sorry Darling I love you I can’t be … Continue reading Let’s be real

These are my thoughts

Let me paint you a picture It’s a Monday morning and you are a man. You and your wife, wake up this Monday morning. You both leave the house together. But you’re a man, so your morning routine is simple. Take your bath get dressed, eat your breakfast  and go. Your wife on the other hand, because she’s a woman and it is “her duty”… … Continue reading These are my thoughts

Brain dead

I used to be so intellectual Since exams ended last week, I’ve realized some profound and disturbing things First of all, it appears that I’ve been studying for so long that I now HAVE to study. I’m serious, after exams the first thing I did was watch a LOT of TED Talks; Talks about 3D printing, Li-fi, autonomous vehicles, tons and tons of shit that … Continue reading Brain dead

ANNOUCEMENT: UgoTalksAlot is Two

UgoTalksAlot is Two today. I just really want to thank God, for not allowing the creative ink stop flowing. I’m not also usually great with birthday dates so big thanks to WordPress for the reminder. Initially I started blogging out of boredom and I’ve gone from having absolutely no idea what I’m doing to kind of having an idea of what I’m going. I’ve also … Continue reading ANNOUCEMENT: UgoTalksAlot is Two