Addicted To The Glam

I am confused and this is why. Over the weekend TapJets, a US private jet charter service, released a statement accusing Dammy Krane of using a stolen credit card to hire one of their jets. They also promised to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Yesterday @dammy_krane booked @TapJets flight using stolen credit card numbers. Our policy is to prosecute to the … Continue reading Addicted To The Glam

New Music: Travis Greene You Waited

There are so many things I love so much about good gospel music. I’m not talking about some half baked, half thought, poorly produced ramblings with bible scriptures used for chorus and verses and a choir singing off key. I’m talking about proper music. I feel like when you get a gospel song right, you’ve made an instant classic. Gospel songs are inspirational, easy to … Continue reading New Music: Travis Greene You Waited

15 Hip-Hop Collaborations That Rocked Nigeria    

Hip-hop they say is a universal language for hip hop lovers we have been inspired by Talib Kweli, Jay Z, Nas to mention a few. In Nigeria we have also had Modenine, MI and Eldee and a couple of others.In no particular order, here are my biggest 15 hip-hop collaborations that rocked Nigeria. Nobody Test Me- Jesse Jagz ft Ice Prince & MI This was … Continue reading 15 Hip-Hop Collaborations That Rocked Nigeria    

Dear Nigerian Artistes

Dear Nigerian Artistes Back in the 90’s we had musicians who were socially conscious as I listened to Onyeka Onwenu’s One Love, Daddy Showkey’s Fire Fire. Even Fela of blessed memory was known for doing socially conscious music, criticising the government and speaking of the ills in our society. Even in the early and mid 2000’s when there were songs like Jaga Jaga by Eedris … Continue reading Dear Nigerian Artistes


By Chima Odima  Without question, this is certainly not the best of time for Nigeria. With the drop in the global price of commodities, Africa’s largest economy seems to have taken a dive for the worst. Unpaid salaries, salary cuts and mass sacks have become the order of the day and as expected Nigerians are at the receiving end of all these tragedies. However anyone … Continue reading IS GOTHAM STILL COMING?

Clubbing & Other Social’s In Secondary School 

The biggest social event in my secondary school was always the Birthday Celebration. Once or twice every term, the school would throw a party for all students who’s birthdays were in the months that had passed or in the case of December babies like myself, the months that was to follow. Birthday celebration was huge in school, night prep got cancelled, the biggest and brightest … Continue reading Clubbing & Other Social’s In Secondary School 

My Top Books Reads of 2015

DISCLAIMER: These didn’t  necessarily come out in 2015. 1. Ronda Rousey –  My Fight/Your Fight This was without a doubt the best book I read this year. I was so caught up in it that I almost didn’t do anything till I finished. I initially picked it up because I was intrigued by Ronda Rousey (still am), but along the way I learnt a lot … Continue reading My Top Books Reads of 2015

My Top 5 Nigerian Albums of 2015

5. An Epic Journey EP (D’banj) Koko Master comes in last for my Top 5 edging out Burna Boy. What can I say, I was entertained by the album. D’banj did what he does so well… Musical gyrations. 4. Eyan Mayweather (Olamide) Many Olamide fans don’t like this album, but I do. As far as I’m concerned, for once Olamide wasn’t making noise and giving … Continue reading My Top 5 Nigerian Albums of 2015