Stay; A short film

Watch the teaser for Stay, a short film by Ayomide Adeleke. A terrible incident leaves Femi, played by Baaj Adebule haunted and he will do anything to get his life back. The film also stars Diana Eguwatu and Shalewa Ashafa. Stay was written by Ayomide Adeleke and it is also his directorial debut.


Movie Trailer: Banana Island Ghost

Waaaait, before you close your browser, I promise you the trailer is good, hell, its funny and even better, it’s Nigerian. #DopeLife. Did I mention Chigurl is in it!

Now, I’m waiting for the movie to come out. However, I have one small but important critique. In the excitement of cutting this trailer it seems to me that the producers forget to arrange this trailer in a way that actually explains what the movie is about. Just see it for yourself.