How Did I End Up In Nigeria?

So many questions have been floating around my mind the past few weeks and all of them revolve around how I ended up in Nigeria. I’m really baffled how I ended up in a country so determined to move backwards we actually go out of our way to make sure everyone runs ahead of us. The last elections gave me so much hope, so much … Continue reading How Did I End Up In Nigeria?

Numb To The Bomb

Feature image from  When I was five years old, I returned from school one Tuesday afternoon and I was ecstatic after I realized that my frenemy, NEPA had given us electricity. I turned on the TV for my usual Channels TV afternoon cartoon digest (as I usually did whenever NEPA gave us light). That afternoon there was no cartoon, no kiddies show, there weren’t … Continue reading Numb To The Bomb


I never expected it. Two years after, it’s still some kind of national dream that we all can’t seem to wake up from. Two bloody years! I don’t even know what I want to say in this post that hasn’t been said, but I felt the need; the pull; the urgency; to let this digital ink flow to the screens to your phones, tablets and … Continue reading #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS…please?

The Second Dissaperance of The Chibok Girls

  The Second Disappearance of The Chibok GirlsOn April 14 2014, 276 girls were taken out of their dormitory beds in the middle of the night. The next time they were seen was on a Boko Haram propagandist video on YouTube. The government of Nigeria was secretly hoping the national amnesia would kick in and they would be forgotten, so for 4 weeks, they were radio … Continue reading The Second Dissaperance of The Chibok Girls

Are You In Love With Nigeria?

Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever! 1 Cor 13:8 I was listening to three people have a conversation some time ago although they were really loud and annoying there wasn’t a need to eavesdrop.  Two of them talked about how if they became the Nigerian president one day, they would either tell all thier … Continue reading Are You In Love With Nigeria?

I Don’t Believe In State Of Origin 

A few weeks ago, an organization I belong to held her annual elections. They do it constantly to keep reinvigorating the leadership even though the organization has been grossly ineffective in doing anything at all. After the elections one of the candidates walks past me and I greet her because there is a level of aquaintancy between us. I go further to congratulate her on … Continue reading I Don’t Believe In State Of Origin 

I’m Dear Akpo, Let’s All Be Tribalist

In this letter, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Sometimes I think black people are cause so much trouble in the world, that maybe it would be better off without them. But I remember I’m black, world wars were stated by white folks and black folks couldn’t cause as much damage as white folks even if we … Continue reading I’m Dear Akpo, Let’s All Be Tribalist

I’m Tired Of Nigerian Politics. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am fatigued, exasperated and quite frankly flabbergasted by the political sphere. It looks like something out of the script of an AY Live show. If Fayose is not prophesying Buhari’s death in National Newspapers, he is getting in touch with all Buhari’s doctors to tell them how much longer before he drops dead. Funny thing is he is never correct. Then … Continue reading I’m Tired Of Nigerian Politics. 

The Christainization Of Nigeria

In July 1968, there was a little boy who carjoled his parents to allow him go to church. He had discovered God even though his parents weren’t religious. One day this little boy comes across an issue of Life Magaizne that has on its cover a picture of children starving 12,737Km away in West Africa. This boy works into the church on Sunday, outraged with … Continue reading The Christainization Of Nigeria

the Nigeria great grandfather told me about!

I remember a story my great grandfather told me It was the day my mum gave birth to me He held me with a big smile on his face and he started talking He told me the story of a rich land “Not money rich but people rich” He said to me trying to make me understand the difference even though he was not sure … Continue reading the Nigeria great grandfather told me about!