This time hustle is not our own

Over the weekend the one Africa music festival was the bunt of a lot of jokes, the concert started over an hour late and was forced to end abruptly after exhausting the time they were given, it was so bad that even Jidenna was billed to perform but couldn’t had this to say about our time consciousness ,


If you are a stranger to African or even Nigerian culture you will think time works the same way as it does around the world. It doesn’t. In Nigeria, time is not a law, it is not something you have to stick to or abide by, it is a suggestion, a subtle reminder that if you were in another country you would have been attending an event or on your way to a meeting. Since you are in Nigeria however, it just means you should maybe start getting ready so you don’t get there 2 hours late.

You’re probably wondering why so many Nigerians own clocks and wristwatches, the answer is very simple. They are for decoration. Imagine entering a home and there are no clocks, it’s absurd, ridiculous and very odd. We also have clocks and wristwatches so that family devotions can start on time, although they never end on time.

Does anything in Nigeria even stick to time? Even NTA’s Tv shows start and end late airlines never leave on time, trains and buses do not know there is such a thing as time, even Uber has started using Nigerian time when estimating how soon a driver will reach you. Let’s not lie to ourselves, this time hustle is not our own.


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