The People Are Hungry, Well, Give Them Some Rice

None of the images used in this post are mine

A politician runs his campaign on promises that encompass everything in between the east and west. Promises as tall as the Eiffel Tower and grassroot oriented that they go as low as ocean beds. 

The politician comes into office and performs like as well as a castrated man in a brothel. He knows he or she needs to do the barest minimum to get re-elected or install the candidate of his/her choice. So he does exactly that, absolutely nothing. For 4 to 8 years they sit in the office commissioning boreholes and shabbily constructed roads, all the while touting their achievements like they’ve cured aids. 

Then the next election comes and all they do, all they need to do to win, is to share a few plates of rice, plastic forks spoons not included. And as expected they win. 
The brightest minds in Nigerian political analysis get on the air waves and tell us, whose futures have been mortgaged by over cooked rice, that the people are hungry. 

What damn people? The people aren’t hungry, they don’t need food, they need eye glasses and binoculars. They need goddam opticians. What they need to do is open those two holes right below their foreheads and see that they are starving themselves. 
We are on a hunger strike, a prolonged fast or whatever you want to call it. Every single time we put people in office that stop us from getting food, they give us the leftovers from the crumbs and we extend their unlimited subscription to our food, our national cake. 

WAKE UP PEOPLE! We can’t do this forever, Nigerians are dying and it’s not the government’s fault, it’s our fault for not paying closer attention to who we elect as Local government chairman, State House of representatives, and the National Assembly. Don’t even get me started on the presidency and governors. 

Carry on, eat your rice, make sure you’re full. Hunger is coming like you’ve never seen. 


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