For What…Are We Not Just Coming For Church? 

The pastor was on fire, the altar was dripping after being soaked with so much anointing and swagu. The congregants in their seats saw themselves glow up as the issues fo their hearts were touched. 

The pastor announced that ordained workers have a brief meeting after the service, bad news for kids like me who have to now wait some more. As if attending two services wasn’t enough.

The Deacons and Deaconesses slowly assemble in the room, greeting each other with the love of Christ which actually means saying “bless you” instead of “hello” or “hi”. Everyone settles down and the pastor comes up and asks my Dad, Deacon Iwuchukwu, to lead them in the opening prayer.

My dad looks at him and says “for what? Are we not just coming from church?” The pastor is taken aback, my Dad is not diswayed. He goes on, “All the prayers we just prayed now, what happened to them? ” 

The shock on the pastors face is legendary as my Dad leans back in his seat, genuinely confused by the need to pray again after such an encounter with the peng Jehovah. 


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