A Trip To Unity high school, Kajola-Iboore, Ogun State

About a year ago, I found myself on the community development team of my school’s convocation planning committee. The broader committee was put together to create events and activities for the graduating class. Our job in the community development team was really to find something we could change around us.

We set out and soon we came across Unity high school, Kajola-Iboore/ Oke-Ore in Ogun state. Our committee staff members handled most of the formalities and eventually we were scheduled to go on a tour of the school to see what we could change.

The school was in a terrible state. The principal even told us that despite the horrid state, they would be grateful if we only managed to help build toilets. Unfortunately we couldn’t raise the money to do anything for the school.

They had a new building, with some new chairs that definitely would not service a quarter of the population. The school had filed complaints at different times to different levels of government for more assistance. All to no avail.

I will just drop the pictures here and allow you complete this post with your views on the state of our educational system in the comments section.

The roof of this building is missing half.
The Chairs they used. Many of them had nails sticking out or they were broken.
More broken chairs.


There are no windows in some parts. Only burglary bars, so, when rain falls it pours into the classrooms.
The roofs too are nearly caved in,
The roofs are also leaking. Rain also pours inside from them.



2 Replies to “A Trip To Unity high school, Kajola-Iboore, Ogun State”

  1. Wooow! This is such an eyesore. And to think that Ogun state has one of the highest internally generated revenue, one would expect better. This just shows the extent of negligence and decay of the educational system in our nation.


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