My Lifelong Struggle To Come First In Class

There were different types of people in school. Some were super brilliant, taking first position on a roll. When they did disastrously come second, it meant they had to shorten the number of friends they had and engage in a year long war with the person who beat them. Everyday was exam day, including the first day and the day after exams actually ended.


Funny enough they always had teachers on their case telling them stuff like this,


Between them and the class trouble maker I don’t know who’s parents got called more.

I wasn’t like that, my parents were more lenient. My Dad always gave me ranges. Depending on how large the class was  I was expected to be in the top 10 or top 5. I usually made the top 10 with ease although I usually always failed Math, but who cared.

My Dad  wanted me to move into the top five but I told him,


So he got me a lesson teacher, who I gave hell because,


Imagine, my joy when I finally came fifth only to realize that 7 people were tied at 5th position.


Sometime in SS 1 I did decide to take my life seriously, I was going to get first place. I was the most determined I’d ever been in my entire life. I had this partner, we both had shared goals and we were in the same class. She was the only person that I was going to allow beat me and she wasn’t going to do it easily. I would make sure of that.

Then, out of nowhere came this third competitor, she was annoying as hell and she seemed to be getting better grades than us. I wasn’t going to tolerate this. I would go to class on the weekends to cram biological terms (that never came out in exams and are still stuck in my brain).

I died on the line then resurrected and continued till prize giving day came. They announce only the top three and start from the third. My name got called first.


That wasn’t what I fought for. Hours after hours of cramming! I couldn’t comprehend why first position didn’t love me. It was painful. To make matters worse I found out that I beat the 4th placed person by 0.1%. Just my luck.

I stood up and collected my prize which was a cappuccino cup. I had never even taken cappuccino. what was I supposed to do with a cup?

I got home gave the cup to my Dad and decided academic awards were not for me. I have not looked back since then.


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