The Post About A Lot Of Things

I want to write something that’s deep or funny, thought provoking or at least just, something that will make you pause. but the economy wont allow. Don’t ask me how the economy is affecting inspiration, just know it is.


I also want to go on vacation. I just want to spend maybe a week or two in some fancy hotel with some fancy room service, but who am I kidding. This economy said


I once came home from work and told my mum I want to be rich. Instead of her to give me some words of encouragement, love and affection she glances at me with a raised pitch and says “Work Hard!” I wonder did she think I didn’t know that before? The economy most definitely is affecting how we show love and affection.


Speaking of love and affection, what a time to be single. I mean with 18% inflation, tax deductions and a fixed minimum-wage like salary  I can only afford a relationship with myself. As much as I want to be in a relationship,my bank account is looking at me like


I do have to apologsie at this post is about nothing in particular. If you think you’ve wasted your time, I do agree. If you’re angry about let me just tell you now



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