When we will start telling our stories?

Good morning, or whatever time of the day you are reading this. The truth is am not in the best of moods writing this actually that is an understatement am very angry. Why? Because I feel I wasted my life watching a Nigerian movie for 5 hours and I gained nothing. Five hours I can’t get back at all am angry at myself for sitting down to watch that terrible movie and my anger is also directed towards Nigerian movie makers who have refused to be creative and keep on doing the same unimaginative stuff save for some few movie makers. If you are a Nigerian movie maker and you are reading this just know you have failed our Nollywood industry.

Contrary to what some people think there are some good Nigerian movies but why people think so is because we live in a country where we place emphasis on hype rather than content movies like Figurine , Phone Swap (which is the best Nigerian movie I have watched in the 21st century in my opinion) and even more recently 93 days etc are good movies now all this movies had something in common which is they told stories which are relatable with the Nigerian community like 93 days for instance it was a story about the woman who saved Ebola from spreading in Nigeria at the expense of her life and it was emotionally gripping even if you have a lions heart you will be moved watching that movie it was that touching.

It’s a shame we call ourselves the 3rd biggest movie industry in the world (not best as people mistake it for) and we have not done a movie on Fela one of the greatest Nigerians to ever live on this earth and please don’t tell me about the American movie done in respect of Fela because in my own opinion that is not a true representation of our own legend. Why will we allow them to control our own narrative for us? Will they like it if we did a movie on Martin Luther,Malcolm X or even 9/11? I don’t think so, we should not allow them to control our narrative for us.

They say sometimes you need to think out of the box to create a good movie but in Nigeria’s case we just need to think within because our movie makers are yet to tell our best stories even a movie on Mary Slessor we have not done there are so many things I can mention we have not done a movie about but I will just leave it here please to our dear movie makers start telling our own stories and stop doing dumb stuff about village love, witchcraft , blood money etc you can do better than that please. God bless you .


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