When the sun goes down

I’ve always been afraid of the dark.

For no real reason.

I’m just a kid, all I do is play and laugh and cry when mom doesn’t give me what I want

But when the sun goes down I feel myself dim. And I don’t know why

Maybe it’s because of the long looming shadows the kerosene lantern makes

Maybe it’s because everyone’s eyes hold flames

Maybe it’s because men become faceless silhouettes

Or maybe it’s just because I can’t play outside anymore and what kind of world is that if I can’t play.

It’s just me and mama here. Papa left us.

I was just a little thing when he did. I don’t remember him

To me he looks like a man in the night.  Black and faceless.

But it’s just as well, good riddance!

He used to make mama cry

He used to make me cry

Whenever the sun went down

Mama and I are happy now

Both in the day and when the sun is down

She makes me learn new things from her books

She calls me to the kitchen as she cooks

She sings and hums as she sweeps

She let’s me play all day

Until the sun goes down

Today I did something strange

I’ll never ever do it again

I can’t

I won’t

I shall never be the same




In the morning I was outside with my friends

My girl friends and my boy friends

Then we started to argue about something

My boy friends were talking and they said lies

They said that the streets were freer at night

They said their mamas let them play outside

They said that one day they played in the stream at night

They said they saw people do things

Strange things like dancing in a vertical position

And the dance placed one on person on top of the other

They said they saw it once and they wanted to try

But it had to be done in pairs

But they were three

So they needed me

All my girl friends they said no

They said their mamas would say no

They said that the night was a scary place

That why did it have to be at night that the dance took place

But I am a dare devil.

And I only have mama and no pa

And I know how to make mama sleep very deeper

Maybe I could go and see

But I’ve always been afraid of the dark.

And for no real reason it seems.

Because my boy friends said there’s nothing to it

They said that I would get used to it

The longer you stay out when the sun goes down

The clearer the night becomes

So today I did something strange

And I will never ever do it again

And I shall never be the same

Because I did do the strange night vertical dance

And those boys are no more my friends

And it was not fun

And it hurt in places I’ve never hurt on

And I’ll always be afraid of the dark

Because of the long looming shadows

Because men’s eyes hold flames

Because men become faceless

Because men become beasts

When the sun goes down


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