In this world where being single is becoming a low-key crime and fake people seem to multiply, I managed to find bae. I love bae and I am proud of her and I know people like to judge a lot especially Nigerians but I don’t want you guys to judge me or judge bae. Just read this post with love in your hearts.

So in this post I will introduce you guys to bae and I will tell you guys how to get bae (please don’t form I’m not single for me, you may breakup, who knows? ).  Bae is not light-skinned, she’s the kind you will call brown, she’s really beautiful and personally I think she’s hot and sexy too. I can’t really remember how I met bae but I have known her since my childhood but I lost contact with her as we grew up and somehow we met again at a cousin’s wedding and since then I have been in love with her. You see how fate works. She’s a really nice and she feeds me when I’m hungry and she lets me kiss her but this always makes my lip glossy so I don’t do it often.

Now, for you to get bae you need these ingredients:

Vanilla (2 tablespoons)

Sugar (depends on how sweet you want bae to be, I like 1/2 cup)

Dry pepper (3 tablespoons)

Fast action yeast ( 70g)

Nutmeg (1 tablespoon)

Water ( 1cup)

All purpose flour.(1 1/2 cup)

A mixing bowl .

Now you have to take these steps:

1.First,  you want to sit the mixing bowl in another bowl of hot water and

2. Put the flour, sugar, dry pepper, nutmeg and mix together in the mixing bowl.

3. In the cup of water, add the yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar and leave for 10 minutes. Please ensure the water is warm before adding the yeast. Once the yeast and water starts to foam and smell like alcohol it’s ready if it doesn’t foam then you bought fake yeast or air has entered, throw it away and buy another one and redo the sugar and yeast mix until it foams and smells like alcohol.

4.  Make a hole in the middle of the mixing bowl then slowly add the yeast and sugar mixture and stir every thing together. When everything is well integrated into each other, add your vanilla and continue to stir. The result should not be too light, it shouldn’t slide through your fingers with ease. If it does, add a little bit of flour but this is not advisable except you’re already an expert in the field of getting bae.

5. Take the mixing bowl out of the bowl of hot water. Take a clean kitchen napkin,  place it under a running tap or in a bowl of water and squeeze out the water to make the towel damp then place it over the mixing bowl then keep it somewhere warm.

6.Take off the napkin after 45 minutes. Now the mixture should have risen. Fry the mixture in pan or pot of hot oil by scooping it into the oil little by little with your hands.

That’s how you get bae,  she should look like this.









Haters will say it’s puff puff.


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