This NYSC of A Thing

I am mad as hell and I have come to venerate my vexations. A lot of people have refused to consult their mental faculties for common sense and I am here to force it on you. So, let’s talk.

Thirteen billion Naira.

That is the amount budgeted for NYSC 2016. I cannot verify if that covers the allowances throughout the scheme. I want you to go and calculate how many schools N13 Billion will either refurbish or build. Go and calculate how many teachers’ salaries it will pay, and how many salaries it will increase. Instead we put it in the NYSC.

But, that isn’t the end. There was a lot of debacle, earlier this year that the money wasn’t included in the budget but let’s cut the crap shall we? In addition to that money the Federal Government bailed out the NYSC when it couldn’t mobilize graduates and a few months later, the NYSC is again broke.

The NYSC says it can’t mobilize everyone so instead of postponing it’s going to give quotas. So, this is what’s going to happen, three quarters of everyone that graduated in July and  others who were due for mobilization will remain unemployed till Jesus comes again, because that’s about when the NYSC will stop being broke.

The argument is should NYSC be scrapped.

I beg your pardon, it’s not an argument. It defies every law of common sense and sound policy making that NYSC is still allowed to operate and I will tell you why.

Some people would like you to believe that the NYSC creates jobs and keeps people busy. The reality is that it doesn’t. Take the hundreds of thousands of Nigerian university graduates locally and in diaspora that have been sitting at home doing nothing waiting for the scheme. Their counterparts in more sensible countries are either already employed or are job hunting.

Because of placement, the scheme discourages recruiter’s from collaborating with universities to recruit this country’s best and brightest straight out of university. It also makes it near impossible to retain undergraduate and post graduate interns that have impressed. The thing is, NYSC delays the inevitable introduction into the labour market and a lot of people have misconstrued it to mean NYSC creates jobs. It doesn’t. It really just prevents people from getting employed because a university graduate is not employable without the NYSC certificate. We might as well skip university and go from NYSC to secondary school to NYSC.

Some others say NYSC unites us. It broadens our cultural understanding. See, if you want to broaden your culture, buy a damn bus ticket and do cross country and maybe write a book about it. We can’t be spending over N13 Billion a year to broaden your cultural understanding. If you don’t have money for ticket, go and sit and discuss with those Hausa men and women you buy stuff from. Till today we cannot repeal the Federal character from our constitution despite it’s overwhelming disadvantages because till now people aren’t comfortable enough to marry outside their tribes. Yet NYSC is unifying us. My friend take several seats. Dodo has done more to unite us than the NYSC.

What of the teaching corpers do?

I wonder when it became sane and normal to throw the future of our country into the hands of UNTRAINED and UNQUALIFIED youth because we are too lazy as a country to devise a proper teacher enrollment scheme. Where else is such nonsense practiced?

Consider something else, the government pays civil servants salary for work done, cash in exchange for productive service. How many corpers work in the civil service? It’s very possible that the government pays corpers for doing absolutely nothing beneficial to the government. Let’s assume it’s money in exchange for 4 days a month of community service, is it still community service if you get paid? Let’s also assume that it still would be community service if you get paid, but then, the quality of work to pay ratio is something no business in their right senses will ever do.

I can keep explaining these things in greater detail but quite frankly, I’m disappointed I even have to explain this to university graduates.

If you want NYSC for sentimental reasons, get it through your head that IT COSTS TOO MUCH, even when we aren’t in a recession. It is in our best interest as a nation if we do away with the NYSC.

Because I believe in sharing of information I will be entertaining counter-arguments in the comment sections.



8 Replies to “This NYSC of A Thing”

  1. Some of the points you highlighted are apt however, I feel like you are discrediting the general goal of the Nysc programme solely because it’s being mismanaged. It’s like saying that democracy is an ineffective system of government based on it’s reputation in Africa. In actuality, Nysc does help unify us because participants get to learn to be more tolerable to other people’s culture and religion. The fact is that We’re deeply prejudiced as a nation so even though Nysc is a valid tool for unification, it’s just a small piece of the puzzle.


    1. I appreciate and understand your point but I do not feel you’ve understood mine. I am not against NYSC because it’s being mismanaged, I’m against it because the costs by far out weigh whatever arguable gains it has. The fact that it’s mismanaged only makes it worse.


  2. I once came about this brilliant piece shared on a friends wall on Facebook, titled: My one kobo on service to my fatherland, nysc in perspective.
    Best article ever written about the concept NYSC.

    I think this is our answer. I just got the authors permission to share on my blog.

    Here is the link to the post on facebook


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