Happy Birthday Mummy Ugo


Today is Mummy Ugo’s birthday. She (I do not have the authorization to reveal) years old today. Almost everyone thinks their mums are the best and so do I.


This woman has been so instrumental in the man I’m growing up to become. Not only has she paid my school fees since I was old enough to realize I hated school, after my dad passed I saw her stare depression in the face and come out of it a better, stronger and wiser woman.

She’s also a very good hugger which if you know anything about life is very important to have good hugs near you.

Let me stop before I embarrass myself  but biko I take God beg you, if you have liked ordinary full-stop on this blog just go to the comment section and wish Mummy Ugo a happy birthday. Please ehn, I’m begging all those anonymous readers, just comment, biko.

If you comment not only will you be wishing my mum a wonderful birthday, you’ll be making it easy for me to ask her for money in the near future.

God bless you as you comment.


25 Replies to “Happy Birthday Mummy Ugo”

  1. Happy Birthday Ma!🎉 I pray that God satisfies you with long life and that you’ll real the fruit of your labor in Jesus name. God bless you real good. Have a super duper year ahead😍😘😘


  2. Happy birthday Mummy!
    It is my prayer that you live as long as you desire, also in good and excellent health, and may you never Want as long as you live!
    Ps don’t forget to send my share of the cake…please don’t use Abc cargo😂DHL works…
    God bless you ma…
    Your other son;
    Solomon ☺️


  3. Dear mummy Ugo, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy. Thank you for making Ugo into the brilliant person he has become. Have a blissful year ahead

    Secondly and very importantly, Ugo mentioned that wishing you a happy birthday will allow him get money from you. That’s a major key, because when I ask Ugo for money, I don’t want him to say he doesn’t have. So happy birthday ma on behalf of Ugo’s akant balance.

    God bless you ma. Make sure you turn up.


  4. Dear Mummy Iwuchukwu,

    I must say that it takes a really strong person to go through the battles you have faced, and still come out victorious.

    You have been a really strong person and I congratulate you for that on this special day. Your love and strength keep your children going and I am a beneficiary of it (because I shamelessly forced Ugochukwu to be my friend in secondary school, and he managed to rub his mummy’s vibes on me). On this day, I want you to look back and be very thankful Mummy Iwuchukwu, because we bless God for your life.

    May you be gifted with Jehovah’s biggest joys and His never-ending bliss. Afterall, you yourself are a gift from God to this earth so you deserve the best!

    Hope you have the best birthday of your life ma.
    With lots of love and hugs and kisses,
    Tolu Babajide.


  5. Happy birthday in arrears Mummy Ugo.
    You’ve raised a smart young man. May you live to reap the fruits of your labor.
    God bless you.

    Ps: Please, give Ugochukwu money if he asks. He’s a good boy, he won’t squander it.


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