Will You Hold Your Lips!


“Will you hold your lips” is not a question, rhetorical or otherwise, you will a heavy price if you assume it is. Your lips will be taken off if you dare respond. Who do you think you are responding to such a non-questioning question? That by the way is also not a question for you to respond to.


You don’t ask questions where I’m from. You don’t question your friends, if you do you’re not loyal. You don’t question your teachers except you want to see divine failure that surpasses all correct answers. You don’t question your government because you surely must be working for the opposition. You can’t question your parents except you want to be homeless.


You dare not question God lest a reservation be made for your soul in hell.

I remember sitting in a regionalism class in school and a very senior lecturer refused to entertain even the remotest possibility that a Brexit could occur. Every question/debate/argument to the contrary the lecturer treated with disdain. We stopped asking and arguing with her, we didn’t want to fail. We wrote it like that in exam and we passed. Less than 3 months later, Britain decided to part ways with the European Union. We should have failed that exam.


I remember my dad passing, my mum would scream “Why God!” They hushed her. Yell all you want but never question God, never ask him why. Even though the all-knowing God already knew the questions in her heart.

We are not allowed to ask questions and so we have killed our curiosity, we have killed our ability to learn and to be creative and to innovate. The only people we ask real questions to anymore are ourselves, the think-tank consortium in our minds.

In schools we no longer ask questions. We set out to review literature and the works of great minds but we start and end having only done a summary. So since 1960 our syllabus has stayed the same, our classrooms have had no new information since Ghanaians teachers left them and don’t even get me started on our libraries.



Why are we so opposed to asking honest questions? We’ve been so determined to enforce respect that now our youths ask the questions without it and can you blame them, when they asked why is 1+1=2 with “Sorry Sir” they were either snubbed or told to take it as assignment.

When we asked “Pastor why is this so?” Pastor sprinkled us God’s blessings and told is in the words of Disney’s Frozen to “Let it go”.

I appreciate elders who respond with “I don’t know” to my questions. It’s okay to not know everything, its pride to pretend you do and it’s the intellectual genocide of a generation to refuse them the right to ask honest questions.


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