How Did I End Up In Nigeria?

So many questions have been floating around my mind the past few weeks and all of them revolve around how I ended up in Nigeria. I’m really baffled how I ended up in a country so determined to move backwards we actually go out of our way to make sure everyone runs ahead of us.

The last elections gave me so much hope, so much faith and conviction that we were finally getting it right. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I neva esperred all this. Since then, I’ve fallen back into the despair that follows Nigerians like a shadow, temporarily disappearing but always coming back.

Who could I possibly have offended in heaven. Did I steal meat from Abraham’s bosom? Was I making fun of Samson in the gym? 18yjj5

Did I go off key repeatedly during the heavenly hallelujah chorus? 56750415


Or did I just flunk out of the Angel Micheal Warfare Institute?

Was it in a past life, if those exist at all? Was I a Nazi or something? Was I a slave owner? I don’t know.

Maybe I wasn’t just paying attention when we were lining up to enter the womb tube. Maybe that’s it, I could have just wandered into the wrong line.

But I think I was probably suckered in by the huge potentials that Nigeria had and I just joined the line. But Dear God, if you are reading this, the craziness I’ve seen here in just 21 years wasn’t on the brochure they gave me in heaven. I must have been deceived by angelic 419.


And please don’t even tell me that I was sent here to fix it because I wonder, you that is here with me did your hand spoil? Why can’t you fix it. Maybe if we all just start fixing it from where we are I wouldn’t be writing stuff like this.

Anyway since I’m stuck here, just help my ministry by subscribing to my blog. Thank you. God will bless you with plenty children.


6 Replies to “How Did I End Up In Nigeria?”

  1. hmmm…Ugo! You talk a lot indeed. I’m sorry you are sorry you are a Nigerian o. This actually doesn’t help the situation. Your Nigeria will only improve till you decide to do something to improve it. it applies to me too. Na so u just blast us…oga o…anyway u sef follow back o. m following u aiidy and i promise you a pingback on this soon.


  2. Ugo in the same way that you can’t choose your parents you can’t choose your country. Nigeria is for you to keep. You may not be happy to be in Nigeria now but that’s where God wanted you to be born. It may not stay like this forever. Don’t think that there is no silver lining. Just have a positive mind and it will work out. Once upon a time I felt like that when I was growing up in Ghana and I felt the need to emigrate. Right now I am abroad but most of my friends and classmates who stayed behind in Ghana are doing far better that me living abroad. It goes to show that had I stayed on I would have done far better than I am doing now.

    Situations always change. Nigerian economy is in such a mess due to the low world market oil price. This is temporary and is meant to warn all nations that are dependent on oil to diversity before its too late. i hope you find this comforting.


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