Why You Should Attend C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School


C.I.T.Y is an acronym for Catch and Inspire Them Young; it is a leadership program for teenagers powered by the Eagles HOPE Foundation (H.O.P.E).

Over the last 4 years through the C.I.T.Y program, H.O.P.E has engaged over 1,300 volunteers and a good number of corporate partners to reach over 7,500 Leaders (teenagers) across Nigeria at no cost to the teenagers. _DSC0091

In 2015 the C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School hosted over 450 teenagers in four locations across Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Ota (Ogun State), engaging over 250 volunteers. The camps were running simultaneously in all four locations and were non-residential.

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This year C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School: Leaders Arise 2.0, would be running in four (4) locations across Nigeria with a bit of difference; while being residential in Lagos-Ota and Port Harcourt locations, it would be non-residential in Ibadan and Abuja, with a total of 1000 Leaders in all locations and 250 Volunteers. From August 10th-August 20th, camp is opened to leaders between the ages of 13- 18 at no cost to the teenagers.

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HOPE foundation is introducing something new and exciting this year with ‘’corporate volunteering’’, inviting staff members of companies that choose to partner with HOPE, to actively participate in camp, teach a few classes and educate the ‘’leaders’’ on career paths.

There are many exiting things to look forward to this year and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out!


For inquiries, call or email: 08099994673 or info@eagleshope.org






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