The Best Friend Zone

Two of my friends had me edit articles about the friend zone in the past week and while I was reading them, not only could I relate, but I thought they were amateurs at being friend zoned. It’s not because they hadn’t been friend zoned enough it’s just that I’ve been friend zone so much I got promoted. Allow me introduce you to the best friend zone.

I didn’t even know what it was until Princess of no nation told me about my proclivity to be best friend zoned. Initially, I took a good look at my life. That kind of look you give yourself when you’re broke and your data is about to finish and all your friends are broke with you.

Anyway, at my last count I’m the best friend of about five people that I’m aware of and although I don’t take any of them for granted, quite frankly not all of them are my best friends and in fact Some of them best friend zoned me.


Best friend zone is very different from the friend zone, when you’re in the best friend zone, your the persons best friend except you have feelings for them and get a front row seat to see the next potential bae or boo. In fact your opinion is ‘very important’.

You have to decide like I’ve often done, to either give your ‘best friend’ honest advice on how to deal with their feelings or keep sabotaging their potential bae till one day they notice you. Some how I’ve managed to do bad belle to myself and destroyed my chances of coming out of the best friend zone. I always tell them the guy’s nice, or just be patient and all that stuff.


When you’re in the friend zone you can sit back and isolate yourself, in the best friend zone you can’t really do that. You’re a part of your best friends life through buff boyfriends and ladies who are endowed from heaven, relationship dramas and all, you’re there behind the scenes when you really want to be in front of the camera.

Ask me how I carried my long head inside this zone and I have no idea. My real best friends know that they have the worst best friend in best friend history, I give all the wrong advice, forget their birthdays, make jokes when they’re telling me serious problems and keep trying to drag them to the cinema (praying they pay for me). But those who have best friend zoned me think I’m a nice guy. friend-zone-pictures-12

Here’s my advice for those in friend zone. It really doesn’t get worse than best friend zone, so stop complaining about friend zone, even those of you in the brother and sister zone, you don’t know what you’ve got, may you not lose it.

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