Me, My Curves & I

Written by Ruth Woke

I know not everyone would agree with this blog post and I understand that. However, for those who would read this with an open mind, good for you.

As a curvy young girl who is beautiful and has a build mostly talked about in lewd rap songs, the pressure is on from multiple sides. Boys seem to expect you to be promiscuous and always ask variants of this ridiculous question “what’s a pretty girl like you doing without a boyfriend” or” she must not be attracted to boys” after you reject their advances. And girls alternate between complimenting you and trying to fat shame you (which is ridiculous by the way). After years of this happening and social media telling you to look a certain way to get attention, you finally say it’s enough.

No I don’t need to have every piece hanging out, maybe sometimes I prefer to look like a cute princess than a sexy bombshell, maybe sometimes I’ll rather be toned down than played up and maybe I don’t like being referred to as sexy every time because it worries me that you can’t see past that to the intelligent human being beneath.

We either feel pressured to wear burlap sacks because we’re “sin-inducing” or to leave as little as possible to the imagination because “if you got it girl, flaunt it“. There is a safe medium in this meter and it’s called moderation or modesty. It’s possible to look “bomb” without feeling empty inside when you get home and you take off that outfit wondering it was worth it. Because underneath every girls “banging body“, is a soul all the same.

Sometimes slimmer girls think we have it all good beacuse we always seem to get attention but maybe we don’t always want the attention. We don’t need the catcalls and lewd insinuations and gestures and NO our only future ambition isn’t to look more like Kim Kardashian or even be a video vixen. You can be a curvy doctor, a “hot” lawyer or even a president. Because our body type is used in the media to sell something doesn’t mean we’re selling it. At the end of the day it’s just a body. You take care of it by eating well and quality physical activity, neither smoking nor drinking, and profitable achievements. And one day, with all the strict maintenance it’ll fall subject to gravity. So really, we have to strive to be more than our bodies.

People would remember our contributions to the world not how good we looked in a swimsuit. All my love.

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