Ugo Graduates A lotย 

Ugo & Her Grace, The Princess of No Nation
UgoTalksAlot, Princess of No Nation and Gbemisola Fagbemi
Ugo and Tejiri…shes a life saver!
Dotun, one of the most charming and intelligent people I know. A real brother
My best friend of 10 years, Arinze and of course the Adorable Adora
The moment I relaized I had gone from undergraduate to unemployed
Ruthcie trying her best to teach me to smile
Because Rhema is fine
My mum sort of adopted her and now we are sort of related
Who needs a selfie stick when Tokoni is around
Daddy said to write alot not talk alot
Oluwa was higly involved
Shes a case and a condition but shes amazing
I love every second I spend with this girl โค๏ธ
Maraji is going places
My coursemates…please why am I not in this picture! ๐Ÿค”
Still looking for sunshades that fit my face
Just because my cousin is awesome and she came for my convo
Feels like we have been friends since forever

Damola baby…we have a complicated but amazing friendship


Peter The Abiah…Watch this man

Uche kidnapped my phone



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