The Evolution of iPads in Covenant University 

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post without shame.

The very first time I held an iPad was sometime in 2012, it was such piece of magic. I thought of it as a flat touch screen laptop. I was captivated but shame didn’t allow me to show it as it wasn’t mine. It was an iPad 1 and was for a friend of mine and we had gone to Landmark University to write entrance exams, and I couldn’t get enough of the iPads temple run. I couldn’t bother about the exam I was writing. I eventually snubbed Landmark and went to Covenant University instead and my parents got me this really small Acer Laptop and a small MP3 player. Those were the only gadgets I came with. I wasn’t sure we could afford an iPad so I never asked. 

iPads weren’t as popular in CU when I got admitted, in fact they were part of the starter pack for the really cool kids. There were about 20 boys in my course and only one of us owned an iPad as at the start of Omega semester. That iPad made him so cool that we added it to his name and started calling him Phillip iPad. Till today we still refer to him as that even after he left CU. 

Guys would say iPad made girls go gaga, but the reality is that it added to your reputation among guys and I learnt this from observing Phillip and his iPad. I thought I was lucky because he was my roommate and so I got to use it a lot more than some. Those days, guys would troop into our room sit down and just use Phillips iPad to jam up, borrow it to browse and even play temple run.

With the girls it was looked at as a different ball game. In 100 level, guys with iPads actually had more female friends than guys without. When people went out to pair (seek companionship from the opposite sex between 7pm and 9pm) they always found a girl to chat up, although half the time she ended up using his iPad and apart from the occasional laughter, could care less about his existence. Occasionally she would even take the iPad to her hostel. Make no mistake, this went both ways, I know a couple of guys that went after girls because they owned iPads. They too would borrow it, for days even. 

Maybe once or twice I’d plug and earphone into my laptop, put it in a small dark pouch and go to library, it created the intended effect of looking like an iPad especially with help from the darkness the night provided, but I knew I was only fooling myself. 

Then came iPad minis. All hell broke loose, between my 100 level Omega semester and 200 level Alpha semester, iPads went from crude oil to pure water. I remember one of my friends in another university once asked me, “I hear iPads are just everywhere in that your school.” I didn’t know how to respond to that, I’m not even sure I was supposed to. 
My course went from 1 in 20 boys owning an iPad to 9-10 out of 20 in the space of a semester. The number eventually increased even as the number of boys shrunk. 
Updating iOS was a problem, especially when iOS 7 came out, because a lot of people where walking from library to CDS looking for wifi. It even became a business where you would pay to get your iPads OS updated. 
Gradually the value the opposite sex placed on your iPad began to decrease and within a year or two, no one cared. Eventually people started trading in iPads for iPods, I thought of it, but by then my iPad had become the headquarters of UgoTalksAlot and I wasn’t ready to start typing blog posts on an iPod so I decided not to. 

The official death of an iPad as an article of ostentation in CU was the beginning of CU tab. It absolutely murdered iPads. The school gave out Samsung tablets to every student in 300 level Omega semester and no one cared if you had an iPad, you could shove it down your throat. Some even dropped their iPads for the CU tabs, but that was before they realised the tablets were fearfully made, but that’s another story.

I stuck by my iPad though, we had been through a lot together. I’d read tons of books on it, listened to thousands of songs. Like everyone my love for temple run died and instead of moving to subway surfers and the likes, I started taking out of my pocket money to by big gun iPad games, like FIFA, GTA and Spider-Man and the likes because my Acer laptop couldn’t even play subway surfers. 


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