Father Thank You For The Grace To Be Nigerian 

Dear sweet Jesus, thank you for giving me the grace to be a Nigerian. I know this grace is not something you give out anyhow, that’s why I’m grateful that of the 7 billion people on earth you considered me one of the worthy 170 million people with reinforced thick skin that could survive this country. 

I’m just really thankful for all you’ve done for me in my time in this country. When there was fuel scarcity you didn’t allow my generator go off too often. Even when the generator did go off and was no light, father you were my rechargeable lamp, providing light so I wouldn’t hit my foot against a stone. 
When my phone and laptop batteries died and there was no one to talk to, Lord you spoke to me and kept me company. 
When DSTV increased their subscription and we had to enjoy terrestrial TV, Father, you were my entertainment.
When the price of tomato rose to the heavens in seeming adoration of you, you told me to fear not, that this too shall pass and that the stew in my household will return. 
When Lagos heat wanted to melt your children, father, you sent down the rain to cool the temperatures and I’m thankful for that. 
Even when the Lagos traffic vowed not to let me go, Lord, your voice thundered from heaven, “LET MY PEOOLE GO!” And I appreciate that too.
The government may have removed their fuel subsidy, but I know your subsidy over my life will never be subjected to shortage of forex. 
Father even as the devil is using those demonic Naija delta avengers to destroy our oil pipelines, I ask that just as Shield was destroyed, father finish them completely in the name of Jesus. 
Even those Fulani herdsmen killing people because of cows, father, just as Eitisalat data used to finish without warning, let them disappear from the face of the earth in Jesus name!
I can’t thank you enough sweet Jesus, I just ask that even as I go to the embassy to apply for visa, let it be given to me speedily in the precious name of Jesus. In fact, I know you can do much more, and even bless me with another passport because you are Jehovah-over-do. Thank you Lord, in Jesus name.


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