Writers Wanted

Are you one of those people that love to write and have no one to show it to? Maybe you’re not the type to commit to owning and managing a blog but you can’t seem to break up with your love for the pen and paper. 

Or could it be that you just write and keep it to yourself? If you do that by the way, I think you’re stingy! You have a gift and a message  and sometimes you need to share it with other people.  God loves a cheerful giver. 

You could also just want a little writing practice but fear not Which ever headache you have, we’ve got your panadol. We want to read what you’ve got, and share it with everyone. 

So if you’ve got something to write we want you to write it here! 
Send your articles, opinion pieces and especially rants to ugotalksalot@gmail.com on any issue and we would help you shove it into people’s phone and laptops. 

Well if you don’t write but no someone that those you could just be a good friend and tell them and then write your own!

Finally, we are now taking advertising requests. For enquiry mail us @ ugotalksalot@gmail.com or on Twitter @ugotalksalot 


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