Some Nigerians Deserve Idi Amin as President 

DISCLAIMER: I couldn’t think of anything better to title this and no this is not a political piece. 😐

One of our boisterous neighbours, is yelling through the windows for my mum and I’m in no mood to listen to that decibel of noise. He tells my sister that our security man just got hit by a motorcycle. I live in an a compound that has about six to seven flats, two gates and one security man and he also serves as our do everything guy. From helping people run errands to being the spokesperson for the compound when NEPA is around, so everyone is concerned. 
The security man, Denis, was hit by a motorcycle, that in an attempt to overtake a car, left the street and headed to the sidewalk and ran right through Denis. Everyone gathers and in the commotion the bike driver disappears. The Hausa malam and his friends across the street and his friends run towards Denis. They try to get him up but notice immediately that his leg is broken, blood is everywhere and is still flowing relentlessly. The only sentence Denis seems to be able to string together is a rather calm “My leg is broken.”
There’s a hospital right across the road, King Solomon’s Hospital, Anthony. It’s directly opposite the accident site and some of the staff even saw the accident happen, but the hospital won’t admit Denis without a police report. Suddenly, three police officers show up in a pick up truck, AK47’s locked and loaded in case someone begins to get any ideas. Apparently, the bike driver went to the station to report the incident. The police try to get him into the hospital but their uniform is not a police report, at least that’s what the hospital insinuates. They want an official police report. I just wonder how they expect a man with a broken leg to start giving a statement to the police in a station that has no electricity. 
The police put Denis in the back of their pick up truck and make their way to Gbadagry.
I wonder if it’s optional for medical practitioners to take the Hippocratic oath because I cannot understand the actions of the hospital. I cannot understand a lot of things Nigerians do these days. Sometimes I think a lot of Nigerians deserve Idi Amin as President and Abacha as vice. It’s really infuriating to think how a motorcyclist will leave the bloody road in the night and just assume no one is walking on the sidewalks. 
Ever since I’ve moved to Lagos I’ve been complaining the streets in residential areas are too narrow, added to that, people park anyhow like wild animals, so maybe I can’t even blame the motorcyclist for not knowing what a sidewalk is. I just hope Denis leg isn’t too badly hurt. 


4 Replies to “Some Nigerians Deserve Idi Amin as President ”

  1. As the world increasingly grow shallow in their thoughts and actions, I decide to even reason deeper…. What the hell?? So, of what use is a police report if this guy loses his life due to excessive loss of blood? This goes to show that even a medical degree doesn’t afford one common sense…. Smh…. More grease to your elbow Ugo…


  2. This sounds like an old Nollywood movie i watched the other day. I didn’t know hospitals really don’t admit people without police reports. What kind of sense does that even make? SMH


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