Brain dead

I used to be so intellectual

Since exams ended last week, I’ve realized some profound and disturbing things First of all, it appears that I’ve been studying for so long that I now HAVE to study. I’m serious, after exams the first thing I did was watch a LOT of TED Talks; Talks about 3D printing, Li-fi, autonomous vehicles, tons and tons of shit that actually do not concern me.

I swear, I really couldn’t help myself.

Another discovery I made and perhaps the most depressing is that my intelligence is directly proportional to my educational activities. Basically, I have to be in school, attending classes, reading for tests, doing assignments and insulting lecturers or my IQ begins to slowly depreciate.


I’m serious, without school all I learn, I learn from twitter. And Twitter these days is all about shitty celebrity marriages so essentially my mind is doomed.

I can’t even tell intellectual jokes anymore. I’ve even forgotten how to use big grammar to confuse people. I used to be an expert at puns and throwin’ shade… oh how the mighty have fallen.

I’m so aimless these days, if I see you on the road, best believe I’m following you to wherever the hell you are going. Me… that used to always have my days planned out, down to bathroom breaks.

The other day, I was talking about someone whose name is Winner and I said on his birthday we should sing “Winner oh oh oh….”

And I laughed.


#issallova #plixepp

Very soon I’ll start talking like Jenifa.

Emi, Princessi kan

Someone please come and send me to school. Before I go and enroll myself in an online course on mixology or tattooing or something.



4 Replies to “Brain dead”

  1. Reblogged this on AyomideOmole's Blog and commented:
    Honestly, with my exams out of the way, I feel empty, like I no longer have a sense of purpose. It’s like being a Tyre that’s inflated to saturation, and then deflated almost immediately. I’m not even going to lie, this semester was not exactly the best. People who know me understand how lazy I can be towards school work, and how much of a BadAss I can also be during examinations (not bragging). But this time, I had to read like a mad man, just to keep up. Even with the reading, I still went into every examination hall with an plan B, the formation, and in case you don’t get what this is, it’s a squad, mostly consisting of you and your guys fighting all the forces of evil together in the exam hall!
    Now exams are over, and I am grateful on one hand that I’m moving on, to my 3rd year in this place. But then I have a problem. What will I do with a 3 month holiday eh? The good thing is now I’ll have time to do stuff other than school work. I can actually come be here more regularly and write stuff.
    But this evening I stumbled on this post, and it basically explains how I feel now.


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