The Consipracy Theorist’s Guide To Understanding Lagos Heat

Images are not mine and were stolen from Twitter 


Don’t be fooled by the weather reports, telling you the weather is 28° and that rain is predicted to fall tomorrow. Don’t let it get your hopes up because it is a set up. The weather is not 28° your sweat soaked shirt can tell you that, the hand fan you’re using inside your supposedly air conditioned office should tell you that.

I don’t need to tell you the weather is not normal, but I need to tell you that it’s the White people that are causing it because this heat is not made for Africa, Yes, the oyibos in their far away obodoyibo that is across the atlantic are the ones causing this heat in Lagos.

They are trying to melt us!

They’ve seen that fuel scarcity will only get us angry it won’t destroy us, they’ve seen that corrupt politicians just make us spend money or data bundles so we can Tweet and comment on Facebook. They have decided to completely exterminate us in a way that no one will suspect suspect them. Can’t you see it, it’s very obvious.

When the sun is facing us, they will increase the Suns temperature with their new technology that is like solar remote control. Can’t you see they’ve been testing it in China and India since. They want us to die from liquefaction. That is why they are now coming up with more excuses to send people to space, they are trying to reach the sun so that they can manipulate it from there to in case the solar remote control doesn’t work.

The obodoyibos don’t want us to progress they envy our resources and they want them without directly dealing with us so they have decided to remove us first.

But we won’t melt. As long as water runs from the showers and hand fans can still be bought…come NEPA come generator we will survive.


5 Replies to “The Consipracy Theorist’s Guide To Understanding Lagos Heat”

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday, glad you could get it in writing. Trump is trying to checkmate us back into slavery using the heat to force us overseas to work for meager wages.


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