Rantings of a Wounded Heart

Written by Idaphuerie 

Why does it feel like my heart is breaking inside
I know you’re toxic but I keep coming back

What’s with the lies, the poisoned arrows and jabs

How could I not see beyond your smiles

I loved you like a sister

Now you hurt me like a blister

I saw us in the future

You can’t give me a feature 

I cant get over the fact that you left without a bother 

What is love if it is conditional

Why should we put restrictions on people

Look like this, don’t talk like that

Never look prettier than me

Watch out if you piss me off

Let me treat you like crap when I feel like crap

But never you try that cos you’ll end up on the sand

I want your unending loyalty

But I can sly you without a thought

Always come through for me

But don’t hold your breath on me

We can walk together as long as my friends don’t like you more than me

But I can’t keep up

You need a heart of stone to even try this

I can’t keep giving love and getting fickle affection

I can’t give trust and still have to watch my back

That’s your job, it’s in the contract

Love is the opposite of hate

How can the two abide in you

I was rooting for you tho

No one else saw you getting there like I saw you 

I’m just trying to make peace with the fact that you’re gone

You might have been poison but you were sweet while it lasted

I can’t get you off my mind just yet

But don’t worry time and distance will do the trick

I hope one day you see me and you gnash your teeth

And you wonder if all that pride was worth it

I think a part of me will always love you

Or the idea and memories of you

Stay petty and small, till we meet again.

Feature image by Zyari.


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