Dear Future Daughter, The World is No Longer Safe For You

Dear future daughter, the world is no longer a safe place for you. It has changed dramatically. I may be wrong, maybe it never changed and I have just realised that it never really was safe. I’m writing this to you and not your brother because although he too is will be in danger and life will attempt to drown him with the social responsibilities that “male factor” brings, you are more vulnerable because there are those that will seek to take advantage of your femininity.

Predators are everywhere. There are those that want your body and nothing more, whether you’re a young innocent baby or a full grown woman. They want to display you on their trophy chest, another set of opened legs, conquered meat. They don’t want to share your joy, your pain, your passion just for you to bankroll their personal gratification. Beware of them.

There are predators who will not be too subtle, they won’t try to manipulate you to get the cookie from your empire. They will try to take it by force. They are vile, disgusting and have no morals. They are sons, brothers, fathers, best friends, teachers, pastors, mentors and even doctors. Be very careful my future daughter because they are everywhere. Learn self defence if you need to, never go out alone with people you’re skeptical about, find God and trust him to keep them away from you, and always keep open arms for those that became victims to the sickos.

The cabal of society will try and blame you if and anyone who falls victim. Men, women and children alike.. They will say you shouldn’t have shown skin, you shouldn’t have spoken with an accent, you shouldn’t have spent your hard earned money. Know that you are never at fault, it maybe natural to fell some level of shame but fight and don’t agree to lose this game of life. Be strong and stand tall.

Never close your hearts to people in need but never give them your trust before they are tested in their deed. Don’t shut your heart to love if you get played, there are men out there who will love and be prepared to die for you, no strings attached. Just be patient, they’ll come. Be a strong girl, an independent woman, and a contributor to all human kind.

I’d be here, becoming a better father for you.

Your future Dad



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