Country/Town Girl

Written by Ibiwari Jaja

I am proud to be a country/town girlI can walk proudly on my slippers and stand gorgeously on my heels

I love using the blender with its spinning effect but I also never get weary of the mortar that helped shape my body a little

Oh! That aroma of firewood jollof rice and let’s not forget the beauty of the clear air the modern gas gives.  

I do love the fragrance of the modern silky cream on my skin but how can I forget the “ori” that helped my young skin glow!

I feel like a runway model on my English wears but what can ever beat the gallant look of the ashooke, the jalamiya and the buba on my tough native skin

My weaves and bold braids has got all the guys eyes rolling, am sure their eyes will pop out when they see how beautiful I look on a rubber threaded hair

I manage well with a modern cooking well but i also do even better with a black native pot that I do not have to scrub (lazy me!!!)

I captivate the crowd when I dance to the beat of modern music but when I dance to the rhythm of the gong-gong, I attract the crowd to dance with me.

Ah the shoki and shakiti bobo dance got me going but I will never refuse a chance to perform the kpamkpamgolo dance.

I am a country/town girl my own Lingua Franca is Engligbo

I am a country/town, I go by the name Ifunanya Sonki Ife


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