It’s Simple Logic Pt. 2


The Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill did not pass its second reading.

The Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill did not pass its second reading.

The Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill did not pass its second reading.

It’s not an error. I just keep saying it to myself over and over because honestly I am so confuse. It’s beyond me that in this  day and age, anyone that we call a politician or a legislator can say ”nay” to the rights of any section of the society much less the women that birthed them and take care of them. I’m totally astounded.

I hate talking about politics because I hardly see anyone’s “talk” get anywhere. But this needs to be said.  After 56 years of independence. After all the years of chopping aid money all in the name of UN Development goals.  After 5 years of hanging a bill so critical…

How is Nigeria; “Giant of Africa” supposed to move forward when we still stay and hold ourselves back? I mean with all the problems that we face these days with the economy, fuel ad all… This small thing that we have the power to make better by just a few bald headed, stiff necked, fat walletted men to open their mouth and say “aye”.

Is that too much to ask?

After 4 years of studying political science and international relations, the Nigeria Legislature is still something that is beyond my understanding.

I am not Ugo. I’m not being logical about this. I am disgusted at the outcome of this.

How can there be only 8 women in the senate house? And some man will sit there and tell me we women  don’t need equal opportunities. Yes, because that’s what rejecting the bill means.

It’s appalling.

They said that certain provisions of the bill were controversial that is why it did not pass, if it money allocation now, the story will be different.


How can you say the absence of the bill doesn’t stop women from winning elections? Is that he point? The point is that the time is log over due for it to be legally and legitimately documented that women have the right to determine the outcome off their lives and their freedom should not be a privilege bestowed upon them by a benevolent men who cause them as they please.

Seriously, this shouldn’t even be a topic for debate. No legislature should reserve the rights to decide whether I should be treated humanely or not

All human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, social status, religion or otherwise, are entitled to certain inalienable rights. To live, love and to be happy. If you deprived any man or woman or child of this; you are the worst of scum tread this earth. And the day of reckoning is coming for people like you

I do not wish to bring children into this kind of world.


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