ANNOUCEMENT: UgoTalksAlot is Two

UgoTalksAlot is Two today. I just really want to thank God, for not allowing the creative ink stop flowing. I’m not also usually great with birthday dates so big thanks to WordPress for the reminder.

Initially I started blogging out of boredom and I’ve gone from having absolutely no idea what I’m doing to kind of having an idea of what I’m going. I’ve also lost the right to use the word ‘I’ as this is mo longer a one person show. For that I’m really grateful to Hadassah, Princess and Emma for creating what is becoming the digital headquarters of over tens of thousands of people across the world.

I also want to thank every contributor we’ve ever had here for gracing the pages of our blog with your words of wisdom, joy, pain and other rants.

And we have to thank The Team of NotJustPulp led by amazingly talent cousin Chidinma Akobundu for giving us a free logo (plix, money is slow to enter) and make sure you check out their amazing work here

We hope the next year will be better, have fewer typos, end with some people on here leaving the singlula-pringula ministries and especially more money.

That being said UgoTalksAlot is looking for a Fashion writer to join the team so mail us @ You can also contact us for advert rates and if you’re bored and just want to hang.
P.S Annivesary Party is in Princess’ Kingdom 

*drops mic


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