What Happened to Gidi Up?

Nigerian television series are sometimes more notorious for not ending than they are for just disappearing from our Television screens. From Super Story, which I hear is still on air, to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Everyday People and so on. There are shows that did leave when the ovation was loudest, like Domino, but generally Nigerian shows don’t easily disappear. They run till we forget about them or all the original cast members leave. So imagine my surprise when Ndani TV’s Gidi up just vanished at the end of what felt like an incomplete season two.

When I first came across Gidi up I was skeptical but after a few episodes, I was a gidiuper. I ran up and down, physically and digitally partly because I kept forgetting when the next episode was coming out. Actually, I just thought everyday was the day a new episode would come out. In Gidi up, I had found a Nigerian television series since Domino that could actually hold my attention for more than two episodes. I loved everything about it from the opening scenes of an aeria view of Lagos to the quality acting to the proper selection and use of background music.

Season one ended and season two brought on Titi Shonuga as a replacement for Oreka Godis, which didn’t sit well with me, at all. I think both women are incredibly talented, I just thought Titi didn’t quite bring as much as Oreka did as Eki. Anyway, the show much go on.

Fast forward to the end of an incredible season and stellar performances and it looks poised for another season, so I start waiting, counting down. 2014 passes no news. 2015 goes without a single word. Now we’re towards the end of 2016. Everyone has moved on but me. Because I can’t understand what in the world happened to Gidi up? Was there a press releases I never read or something. Please help me ask.


9 Replies to “What Happened to Gidi Up?”

  1. Yes I just discovered this series and it’s awesome one of the best I’ve seen. So please what happened to season 3 did they not continue because they did not get many viewers?


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