I’m a Woman and I’m not exactly a Feminist

There is a proper definition of the word feminism and so far I hardly ever see it played out. A typical modern day feminist is unsure of the bases for feminism and is probably following the crowd shrieking ‘’equal rights’.

For clarification feminism is a collection of ideologies aimed at establishing and defending equal political, economic and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Hence a feminist is an advocate for the rights and equality of women. If you ask me, some people have gotten it twisted. Let’s take a drive down my perspective road. Close the door of your mind to any other previous opinion as we drive, put on your seat belt just in case I hit the brakes and my opinions have you hitting the dashboard in protest.

Engine starts and the very first bump is the modern day feminist belief of a lot of people that women rights are more important than men’s rights, that women are absolutely equal to men in all ways and men are bad, evil or out to harm women. Hit the brakes!

I think demanding equality yet still expecting chivalry is wrong. You can have one or the other. Personally i think feminism doesn’t quite preach equality but highlight the differences between men and women. I also want to Screech on the fact that I’ve never felt oppressed as a woman on the contrary I’ve gotten many perks for being female. I don’t want to be treated like a man but like a lady. Now lets reverse and I’ll tell you that the very foundation of the idea feminism is that a woman is a victim which personally i don’t think is mentally healthy.

Hence, my reservations for feminism. The modern day feminist gives off the impression that she is insecure, although unknown to her. She clearly doesn’t quite get that feminism in it’s self knee-deep political. It’s not some social movement to rant about who pays for dates or whose opinions should be given more value. The proper idea behind feminism is deeper than that. Please I employ you to look up what you say you stand for and properly understand the pillar ideas around feminism. If you still believe that feminism is about equal rights, I beg you please look up the word egalitarianism and clarify your conflict.

I constantly wonder what do feminist fight for? what magical freedoms do you not already posses? Quite honestly I believe the answer is none. What more do you seek oh dear modern feminist? Do you want all companies to have at least 50% female employees which I wonder what will happen when 20% go on maternity leave and the company output is trembling to its knees.

There are differences in the sexes and no matter how loud you scream, that’s a fact. The male and the female person are great at different things and this has been proven scientifically in experiments and observations.

By now modern feminist you should be getting agitated but you can choose to stop the drive or continue…if you dare.

Writers views do not represent the official position of the UgoTalkAlot Blog, neither are they scientific facts. 


2 Replies to “I’m a Woman and I’m not exactly a Feminist”

  1. What did I just read? I was going to respond in my rage, but I realized that that’d play right into your warped idea of the militant feminist you so dread. I am calm now and I will try to engage you in a way that will not drive you further away.

    First Bump on the Road: Oh look, I did not hit the dashboard. However, I alight to remove the bump for you. You have internalized the false belief that “meninists” and feminist detractors have that claims we believe women’s rights are more important than men’s rights. That is a big lie. NO feminist believes women’s rights are more important, that men are evil, or that men are out to harm women. We just believe women should be afforded the same rights that men already possess.

    Wait, that is you hitting the brakes; I still didn’t hit the dashboard: However, I turn to make sure you have your seatbelt on; safety is everything. Your first misconception is thinking that anyone is expecting chivalry. Feminism preaches equality while highlighting the fact that our biological differences should not be a basis for oppression. You have never felt oppressed as a woman? Bravo! That is what we want. However, the arrogance in the “it has not happened to me, so it can’t be true” mentality cannot be overstated. Do you know who has been oppressed as a woman: the millions of girls that are married off to much older men; the millions of girls that are not allowed to go to school as a result of their gender; the thousands of women that are maltreated for bearing only female children; the very idea that male children are superior to female children; the millions of women that are taught that marriage is the ultimate achievement; the millions of widows that are dispossessed of their properties because they don’t have sons; the millions of widows that are forced to endure degrading cultural practices to prove they didn’t kill their husbands. I could go on, but I will stop here.

    Again, the foundation of feminism is not the idea that women are victims, but rather that women are NOT victims, so they should be treated as equal members of society. Feminism started because women were once considered PROPERTY, couldn’t vote, couldn’t work outside the home, couldn’t get an education, couldn’t own property, and could not even make their own decisions.

    On your reservations: I understand your right to have reservations about a movement you clearly don’t understand and have not researched much. I am a modern day, card carrying feminist, and I can assure you that I am far from insecure. Feminism IS about equal rights for ALL sexes in EVERY area of life. If you want some reading suggestions to help you with understanding feminism, try these: “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” by Mary Wollstonecraft, “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir, “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan, and the TED talk “We Should all be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

    To answer your questions: Feminists fight for the rights of EVERYONE to live and thrive without being constrained by the edicts of society. The “magical freedoms [we] do not already possess” are numerous [refer to paragraph 3 where I list some ways women are still denied freedoms]. We ALL agree that there are biological differences between the sexes; nobody disputes that.

    Oh!, have we come to the end of the drive already? I very much want to continue. Before I get off at my bus stop though, I have one last thing to add: There are legitimate criticisms to be leveled against feminism, but what you have done is not it. You have only just regurgitated uniformed “facts” that detractors throw around.


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