Me I know what to do oh

Let’s call it a “woes-of-life” blog

Because honestly, what else do all of is write about?

Is there ever a day you come here to read something that makes you believe that either of us are happy?

Meet Ugo


 C.E.O and Head of Board of Trustees of Singular Pringular Inc. He also occasionally has witty things to say about life, make coded remarks about our glorious institution of learning and my personally favourite, criticizes social events.

Yeah, really, who doesn’t love a buzz kill to remind us that the few fun things we look forward to are not fun at all.

The woes of Ugo’s life in no particular order

  • Single
  • Searching for girlfriend
  • Has given up on searching for girlfriend
  • Nigeria: what manner of a country is this?
  • Still secretly searching
  • Mr I-have-no-emotions
  • I am going to die aloe without blogger award

Meet the Princess of no kingdom


Commander-in-Chiefess of the Nation that has no name. On the hunt for a companion to rule by her side in nowhere. In this search, she has become desperate & shameless; resorting to talking about her lack of ASSets, begging for Twitter likes and even resorting to telling stories of traumatizing time in her childhood in order to gain sympathy and maybe … even love.

She is also the only one on this log that knows how to punctuate.

When she is not worrying about the emptiness in the throne beside her, she is…

  • Insulting her previous lovers
  • Writing about concepts she has no full grasp of
  • Worrying about the future


Last & with the least posts Emmanuellaexpress

images (1)

Conductress of Emotional Trainwreck Transports. She just arrived; but make no mistakes, she is brewing to make you cry. She has depth and insight that you will fall in love with. Why? One glance at her works and you will be grateful for the blessings the Lord has given you.

Emma is heartbroken  and single but she is not goin around  begging for bae

…unlike some people.

We don’t know Emma’s woes are yet, I have a feeling we will soon find out

Together we are just a bunch of single 20 somethings unhappy with the world.

So yes…. to all of you who keep reading this blog, post after post.

You people are unhappy too.

Either that or you are sadists who get off on the pain of others

Or you just like to remind yourself that you have hope and some people have it worse than you.

Truthfully, I am not sure which option I would prefer.

Sha sha, vote Ugo for online personality … at least let him be happy small…

And Ugo, it’s not my blog…it’s our

If they ask you say “Our blog is about the woes of life”


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