I Don’t Know What To Do With My Blog 

Sometimes I wish my blog had some sense of direction. I get asked a lot what my blog is about and my usual answer is “I just rant and write a lot of nonsense”. Yes,

people look at me like I’m a mad man.

Honestly, sometimes I wish I was a fashion blogger. I’d display my acumen of the latest trends, the best and worst colour combinations, get free stuff from established and upcoming fashion lines and most importantly walk around looking cool and stuff with a camera that’d probably go at a higher price than my bank account. It seems like they get all the fun.

I was talking with one of my fashion blogger friends about how I didn’t know what to put up for Valentine’s Day. She told me she was in the same boat with me. How she was too discouraged to go and take pictures and upload. As she kept talking, I was sure we weren’t in the same boat. I had no idea what emotional, touchy-feeling thing to write and she was talking to me about picture. (Dear, that fashion blogger friend of mine, if you’re reading this…well…see…the thing is…ahh…never mind).

Maybe relationship blogging could work? Honestly, I’m not qualified to give relationship advice. I could possibly write on how to be single for long periods of time without trying to commit kill-my-self-iside. All my advice would backfire and I’d be branded as a fraud. So no! That’s a horrible idea.

I also think I could be a lifestyle blogger. I have a life, it has a style, I own a blog, no qualms. Then I’m reminded of the multifaceted boredom machine that’s my life. I hate leaving my bed, adventures make me crawl under the wrapper my grandmother sent me after Christmas. (Who has temperature for blanket in this heat). Worse of all, I hate surprises. If I ever had a surprise birthday I may probably storm out in anger…then come back to apologise. So basically my lifestyle blog would probably be very…very…uneventful.

But having a blog without direction isn’t all bad. It allows me invite writers with a wide range of talents from the regular crew of UgoTalksAlot, that’s Princess of no nation, Emma, Hadassah and Arinze who never actually writes anything to a whole library of occasional content contributors.

Anyways don’t get a heart attack or anything, I’m not going through a midlife crisis or anything…my blog just got snubbed for an award nomination is all (I got beat by Fashion bloggers…don’t you just hate them). Well I did get nominated for Online personality of the year so, that’s good news.

Anyways, thank you to all my thousands of readers for reading, sharing and commenting on the badly spelt and punctuated nonsense I write, I can’t tell you how worthwhile you’ve made this for me. God bless you all in whatever you do to put food on the table.

Don’t forget to vote @UgoTalksAlot for the CU College Week 2016 Online Personality of the Year  


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