Heart’s Weren’t Made To be Broken 

The heart means so many things, the heart does so many things, the heart is so many things and the heart can take so many things. It’s the headquarters of all of the entirety of life. The nucleus of our reality. It stores the multifaceted essence of our existence.

Bend it, bruise it, brush it aside but never break it.

When the heart wants what it wants, it darkens the brightest intellect, grinds logical arguments to powder and defies the simplest lines of reasons. Let’s be truthful, it makes us mad.

Isn’t it madness?

 To put someone’s safety above yours, to loose complete control of your faculties as it wanders and wonders what they’re thinking, where they’re going, if they’re thinking about you and if they love you as much as you love them.

Suddenly, you being to get a whole new sight to view life, to read words, to interprets gestures.

‘Heyyy’ makes your heart jump to your throat in excitement

‘Miss you’ makes your fingers tremble with joy

‘Love you’…no greater words can ever be spoken…

A Prolonged silence becomes worrisome,

‘We need to talk’ makes your skin crawl

One word answers; who are we kidding? A state of emergency!

And when the conversation lulls and the love begins to blur, the heart begins to gasp and grasp at tiny fragments as it disintegrates. It presses against your chest, disorients your thoughts, upsets your mood and you can’t explain it. You can’t tell what’s going on. You tell everyone you’re fine and pray to God that they missed the lump that inserted itself in your throat as you spoke those words.

You’re prayer is answered,, they missed it, but you didn’t. You go from The Hulk to Popoye without Spinach real quick. All your energy is gone, the lump geometrically multiplies and before you know it your eyes begin to burn. You tell your heart to be strong, to stand tall but it won’t. It’s given up, licking its wounds and messing with your moods.

See the heart wasn’t meant to be broken.

Bent, bruised, brushed aside; all of which it takes in stride. It can still look up, dream and be inspired. But when in a twist of fate, the heart snaps. There is no bandage, no short cut, you will feel the burn.

The heart is so many things, does so many things, endures so many things but it never came with shock absorbers for when it’s broken.


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