The Bus is Coming 

“In our little village
When elders are not around
Boys must not play with girls
And girls must not play with boys…”

…or they will be chased down, hunted even. They will be accosted, sanctioned and reprimanded. Because when the sun goes down and the elders disappear, boys and girls are not to be trusted.

But as the boys grew to men and the girls to women, as the elders aged and lost their vigour, even transitioned to be with the ancestors, men and women were still not to be trusted. The separation as boys and girls had made them estranged, without the ability to control themselves, they were thought to have become beasts without any sexual restraint. And the assumption was not entirely wrong.

So the elders invented The Bus. The Bus is not some futuristic acronym for a cool gadget used to detect love before it happens. I wish it were. But the elders invented the actual bus, yes the danfo.

When the sun went down, The bus drove round inspecting the huts and pathways to the forests. Looking for those who had disobeyed the scared command of the elders.

Men must not play with women, and women must not play with men.

Those who break this sacred law

must beware and watch to each his flaw

Lest you fall victims of the bus as it moves around

Smooth roads and potholes bumping up and down

For if you sight the buses light

Leave your lover and please take flight

Because no one tells of the stories past

No snitch, not even one to cast

So save yourself and please do start running

Once you hear the bus is coming!


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