Heart Break

Like a stray bullet hitting an unsuspecting victim,the words “i never loved you” hit me hard and i never expected it. Six months ago was the time of my life,i had finally found someone to call ”BAE”,though i did the ritual of initial shakara. My love immune system was 100,i protected my heart with all the antibodies i could acquire. Vitamin S (sarcasm) Vitamin B (blunt) Vitamin H (hard) and a few supplements of my own personality.
But as time went by i started experiencing symptoms, of submission,unwarranted tears,sleepless nights and my heart began to beat funny around you..then it dawned on me. i and contracted the virus  *mscheww * with that poisonous kiss of yours,that venomous touch of yours. You gave me the virus LOVE.
But i liked it,i enjoyed being sick for you. Little did i know you were fringing the symptoms and you never really had the virus too.
Then the moodiness started,your temper started flaring..i thought it was the love that you had lol oh silly me then one fateful day in the heat of an argument the words ‘’i never loved you’’ shot out of your mouth and hit me hard in my chest,straight into my heart and i then i felt my body trembling,my eyes bleeding, 911 woman down.
Now i’m in the ER of my mind..The ICU of my soul, I am being giving advices in drips and injections of concentrated words of ‘’i told you so’’ . Then Dr best friend tells me my condition is critical..i had a heartbreak

This could have being avoided if i behaved healthy.


One Reply to “Heart Break”

  1. The content of this story is fantastic.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    However, the vocabulary and sentence structure needs some work.
    You also need to take time to ‘cross your t’s’ as a lack of it makes it look a tad untidy.

    Keep it up!


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