Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Die

A few weeks ago my neighbour passed, his health had been going on a roller coaster for a very long time. He had a young stay at home wife and two toddlers. One actually just started school last academic year. His first wife and child had died a long time ago and since then he’s been a shadow of himself. It’s heart breaking and somehow ironically comforting to see his kids smile and cause a lovely nuisance everywhere. One once told my mum, that her Daddy had gone to heaven, I haven’t been able to say that phrase yet and my Daddy has been gone two years.

His relatives are trying to give his wife hell. They’ve petitioned the agency he worked for to give them and not his wife the mans pension entitlement and whatever compensation they would want to give.

His sister had her car impounded many years ago and he bailed it out but held the car till she repaid him the N300,00 it had cost him. This morning his sister was around with her mechanic revving the engine like a mad man who just discovered his vocal cords. Needless to say, she didn’t give her brothers widow one kobo. I take that back, she just stole N300,000 from her own niece and nephew. Here I was thinking stealing candy from babies was bad, 300K is a whole lot of candy folks.

Some of my Dads relatives tried to do the same thing. He died in the village and by the time we got there, valuables were missing, expensive wristwatches, belts and his Samsung phone. They could fight my Mum for much more because she’s a lawyer and my Dad and Mum had the weird habit of buying things in each other’s names and my name on occasion (as a bad guy). So whatever few documents and things he did have at the village that could be fought over were in my mums name.

The question that disturbs me is how does a mans relatives come and try to take everything a man owns from the people he loved the most, people he would have died for and in some cases, people he died for?


How did we lose our humanities?

How did we become theses monsters in human skins?

What have we done to ourselves?

God help us all!


4 Replies to “Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Die”

  1. hmm.

    my school mother had similar experience only her’s was worse. they took her children away from her as a collateral that she’ll remit all her husband’s entitlement. she had to choose between keeping her children and giving everything her husband had away to his relatives.

    this and many more reasons is wife I can never be a house wife.


  2. This is such a big problem, especially in Igboland. Sadly, it’s been going on for generations now. The belief back then was that if the man died young or suddenly, the wife must have killed him. She’s labeled as a witch and everything is taken from her. Sometimes they killed them and took the kids, if there were any. Of course, no one does that anymore. But the practice of taking everything is still on because some people are greedy and it’s an avenue for them to have more. And it’s so hard to fight off the vultures that call themselves in-laws. Another thing I hate is the fact that this only happens when the man dies. When the woman dies no one tries to accuse the man of wizardry, or stress his life. But once the man dies the woman is subjected to all kinds of wickedness and emotional torture. Me I’m just tired. I wouldn’t even wish it on my enemy.


  3. I like this piece………that’s the hell we see in Nigeria;or even in africa
    but all is well cos i believe that if anyone comes near my family to try that,then it’s either he’s dead or he’s with a broken nose,(dead face)


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