Top 5 Worst Movies 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s been just a year. 2015 has had so much going on in the TV and cinematic universes. So much

50 shades of Grey release feels like a lifetime ago (Yes, 50 shades is on my list).  But for real, it’s all just 2015

Hollywood has tried.

*Insert round of applause*


With all the awesome stuff like Kingsman, Antman, Dope etc

You know, when people are succeeding, there will always be unfortunate fellows.

I think their misfortune needs to be celebrated

So here goes…



5. Get Hard

Can I just start by saying, I do not like Kevin Hart.

Since Laugh at My pain I think he has been reaching. But you know, he’s at a disadvantaged size so… It’s a bit difficult. I mean… the movie is called Get Hard.

Should have called it Trying too hard. 

The whole thing was just Hart making a lot of faces and forcing you to laugh at stupid pranks (as usual).

Honestly, he might as well have yelled “Laugh at my joke!!!!!”

gallery image gallery imagegallery image

And don’t get me started on Will Farrel. I don’t know why, but his face is just too distracting. So yeah, the both of them were just making faces.

Oh and they set an old lady on fire

Oh not the same movie?… I didn’t notice. They all feel the same to me.

You know what? Number 5 is any Hart movie released this year. I don’t want to waste my space saying the same things




4. Hot Time Machine 2


Another comedic overkill. This really irks me because I love comedy. I do not have a sense of humour so I need stuff like this to keep me at a manageable level.

But mehn… my humour account is in the red this year.

Thanks Hollywood

There was only one joke really. “Penis”

That’s all.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think genitalia is a joke. Maybe I’m alone in this.

Over the top antics and stupidity

Hardy har har





3. 50 shades

We all know what happened.

And what didn’t.

Please don’t me relive it.

I’ll say one thing and one thing only ; download.jpg

And they are making a sequel. They are filming the whole trilogy!!!





2. Fantastic 4

I laugh now when I remember how mad I was about the
Spiderman reboot. I wasn’t ready for this. Not all.
I’d take Andrew Garfield back over this pile of ….

Well done Fox, well done. You’ve done it once again

From the casting to the dialogues. Oh the plot!! Don’t get me started on the plot. I mean, nothing cool happens. Johnny Reed is supposed to be funny. But I don’t know, maybe because he’s black now.

And black people don’t tell jokes or something.


F4 need a rereboot. But honestly, I’m afraid to ask.




*drum roll*

Mark Wahlberg, Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried in a scene from 'Ted 2'



So many weak pop culture references. So much political incorrectness. No real jokes.

Honestly, I just managed that first one.

Someone should please tell Hollywood that comedy sequels don’t work.

Except 22 Jumpstreet.

But how stupid do they think we are? That we’d just laugh at the same jokes twice and not notice.

We get it, he’s a “real life talking teddy bear” that lacks home training. He married and became a prostitute

My ribs are cracking.


Others that could make it to the top 5 are; Chappie, Unfinished Business, Jupiter Ascending, Pixels. Though they are crap, they were interesting to watch at least.

To be very honest, we can just forget the ranking. Horrible is horrible.


My critique is neither objective nor professional. It’s my own opinion, no need to shoot me.

I didn’t want to blog about this; Ugotalksalot and made me do it.

Please don’t shoot me.

Feel free to comment. Give your own opinion. I like to be proven wrong

Also END NOTE: If you like up to 3 of the above movies, you my dear are also a pile of poo.

*Runs away*




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