My Top 5 Nigerian Albums of 2015

5. An Epic Journey EP (D’banj)

Koko Master comes in last for my Top 5 edging out Burna Boy. What can I say, I was entertained by the album. D’banj did what he does so well… Musical gyrations.

4. Eyan Mayweather (Olamide)


Many Olamide fans don’t like this album, but I do. As far as I’m concerned, for once Olamide wasn’t making noise and giving me headache. He’s always made good music, but the relative calmness on this album did it for me.

3. Seyi or Shey


I don’t think Seyi Shay was given enough credit for her work on this album. There was alot of hiccup around its release but she made up for it with quality vocals and synergy with the collaborations. The intro was a little but confusing and kind of made the album lose a sense of direction, but all in all, it was good.

2. Stories That Touch (Falz)


Falz stunned me to be honest. I had expected a comedic outfit like his first album but this was pure music. I’m don’t really enjoy rap so for this to be my second best, that says a lot. What really sealed this album for me was the diversity, from Karashika to Solider to Soft work to time difference, it was well verse and well fused.

1. Naked (Darey)


For me this album was a dream come true. The African-western fusion was on on point, Darey’s vocals were heavenly as usual. Everything for me was just beautiful.

What where your top 5 albums of the year?


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