In Another World

In Another world, I wish we were together
Holding hands and telling stories that’ll make us laugh

Laughter so hard our ears would tear up

In another world, I’d pick up the phone and call

Tell you all about my day and listen to yours

The good, the bad the huckleberry Finn

I’ll let you know that not hearing but seeing you

Was causing a heartache that doctors couldn’t diagnose

In another world, you’d be up there just beneath God

On the priorities and the reasons I wake up

Our silence would be platinum

When we speak, the words bright like diamonds

In another world I’d stare into your eyes

And know in that second that everything was going to be alright

I’d hold your gaze till all the storms go away,

After all, Jesus said we could do the same

It would be fun that’ll never end

But this isn’t another world

And you and I are world apart

And as I sit daydreaming in class

It’s time to come back to the reality that

It’s okay to dream and hope it does pass

But life does stuff and I’m like 

Can I please pass


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