Common Sense

People say nonsense on twitter. It’s expected. As my biology teacher always used say “common sense is not common”, so I don’t let stupidity bother me. The arguments on social media are usually trivial anyways.

But one thing I cannot stand is people speaking assertively out of ignorance. There are some fundamental problems in this world that must never joke about or trivialize. I mean, I believe in freedom of speech and all but no seriously…




What do you mean?


Bloody rape, how can you say that the victims  are at fault. I expect this from old men who can’t see beyond their bellies. But us?  After our parents have finished investing in your education. Some how many of us still managed to miss out on sense acquisition.

I actually expected better.

My bad.

On a serious note, where do people come up with these things? Basically saying that women that get raped deserve it somehow.

In my two past near-rape experiences, I was wearing sweat pants.  But yeah, it’s my fault; comfortable clothes are just so erotic. What was I thinking?

What of the little children that get raped? By strangers, by relatives, by people who were supposed to be protecting them. How did they dress to deserve such evil?

Or Muslim girls covered from head to toe?

Or guys? What could they have possibly done to warrant it?

But even if I am walking around in my underwear, is it your body? How does it affect you?

You think when the unrepentant rapist dies, he can just say “It wasn’t my fault, she wore a mini skirt… she wanted the D. She just didn’t know it yet” ?




This is a disgusting trend; blaming the fragile creatures that have been through a lifetime of nightmares and insecurity.

You know what? I think I realize the sense in it now. Let us blame the victims. Let’s blame all the victims

If you get hit by a drunk driver, I will tell you didn’t look well before you crossed the road. Why were you even on the road in the first place? Your mates that were not hit, do they have two heads?

If your shop gets robbed, then what’s wrong with you? Why would you have a shop and be displaying your wares though transparent glass? You are the one that attracted the robbers.

Let’s blame the poor, blind, disabled and mentally impaired. Because honestly, it’s all the same thing. These people are not in control of their conditions. If you can blame rape victims, use the same measure to deal with other victims or else you a simply a hypocrite

Shame on you if you are among those who felt that provocative dressing somehow justifies rape.

Shame on you if you treat people differently after finding out they have been victims of this evil.

Shame on you if you feel disconnected and indifferent about the realities of rape and sexual abuse, molestation and rape.

It could be your friend, it could be you sister or brother.

It could damn well be you.

No matter how you appear, how old you are or who you think your daddy is?

Evil does not discriminate.

So do the world a favour, before you hit the “tweet” button, ask the Lord for sense, no matter how temporary.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally … and it shall be given to him

James 1 : 5

God works miracles.


2 Replies to “Common Sense”

  1. Well put. No one should blame anyone for being raped. Why should we justify something bad simply because our religious inclinations do not support their mode of dressing or lifestyle. The time to act indeed is now. We condemn every form of Violence


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